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  1. M old store was made in 2003, my host just told me that they were going completely php5 in a few days so I'm thinking it won't work. I'm willing to just install a clean recent version but I'm having problems locating a good and stable oscaffiliate version. I downloaded one the other day and the notes were way off-saying to change blurbs that weren't there, etc-so I'm asking, if you have oscaffiliate working on php 5, which version did you use? I'd also like the same for ccgv, but the affiliate program is most important. Thank you for any help!
  2. oscrazy


    How well does this work with PHP5?? I have an old and reliable, stable store but the code is from 2003 :blush: so I need to make a new store that is php5 compatible in the next month or so and NEED the affiliate add-on-is anyone using it successfully on php5??
  3. RE: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ll+manufacturer Great Contribution-can anyone help me find what I need to change to make a link to the manufacturer's page under their logo? If I'm not mistaken, the url is in a seperate table and I have been racking my brain for days on this, so any help is appreciated :D Current code: This makes an out put like: Company Name (Linking to their products in my store) Company Logo (Linking to their products in my store) But what I want is: Company Name (Linking to their products in my store) Company Logo (Linking to their products in my store) Click to learn more... (Linking to their url that I entered when entering them as a manufacturer in the admin) Any suggestiongs ??
  4. oscrazy

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    On my sts template, what other file should I change to remove the image from the page title-my code is below to save time-the problem I'm having is when you are on the index page their is an image that isn't called to here - it is: table_background_default.gif I notice similar images on the other pages, but I can't figure out where to remove them- they lie with in $content .... Thanks in advance!
  5. Sorry-moving to sts template area :blush: