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  1. bbrip

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    Thanks for the tip on maufacturer. My colors on odd/even rows are set equal as well and still I get the first row to display only white background and only from the second row onwards its displays the proper color as set in the stylesheet. Any Ideas? many thanks BB
  2. bbrip

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    I know this problem has been discussed before but not sure a solution was offered:- I dont get the correct stylesheet setting displayed for the first row of my product listing in colums. Its fine for the second row onwards. is there a fix for it? Looks rellay ugly this way and I'd like to get it corrected. Also, I'd like to get rid of tzhe manufacturers name below the product picture and just display product name and price. How do I do that ? :'( Many thanks :thumbsup: BB
  3. Thanks mate - I havent given up hope. The strange thing just is that it used to work and now decides that it doesnt want no longer... I am just not sure that this only happens after I once cleared my cache. is there any way I can "force" SEO URL to rebuild that cache?
  4. I would't dare using anything BUT the official version of our SEO god Chemo :D
  5. No, I'm on MySQL 4.0.24. A bit lost hear to be honest :'(
  6. Thanks, understood. I of course wnat it to be generated dynamically. So back to square one. No clue why it doesnt do it :'(
  7. I noticed that the field "products_seo_url" in table "products_description" is empty for all my products. Is that not the place where the SEo URL is being stored??? Very strange. How do i get oscommerce to put the right link in there ? :huh: Many thanks for your help
  8. I could think of anything. Checked the PHP version (in case my provider did an upgrae) but its still 4.3.10
  9. Re Cache rest. Thats what I thought and yes, I did that. it had no effect. BB
  10. I got a strange problem. Until recently (few days ok all was fine and I got my products to list as /catalog/this-is-my-product-p-3145.html Now all the sudden i only get /catalog/-p-3145.html Any idea as to what could have happened. I saw this problem discussed somewhere but I simply could not trace the topic so apologize if this is a repeat question. :blush: Thanks BB
  11. bbrip

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Dear All, what I like about Wishlist is that once you click "Add to Wishlist", you get a message displayed that the article has been added but the page stays focused on the product rather than jumping to the wishlist. QUESTION: What changes do I need to make to get the same functionality on my shopping cart? Currently when putting products in the shopping cart, OSC jumps to the cart, however I want it to stay on the product and just display a message that the article has been added to the shopping cart. I realize I may be in the wrong forum but as the functionality is so similar, I thought someone here might be able to help me - my OSC skills are not (yet) advanced enough to figure it out myself... :rolleyes: Many thanks BB
  12. Great. Works perfectly. Thanks skittles (sorry to get your name wrong...
  13. Skitties - another small question - sorry i couldnt figure it out myself: :'( What code do I need to change that I get only image and descirption displayed, ie no price. Currently I get the price listed below the related product's description - which I dont want. Many thanks again !!
  14. many thanks for the fast reply, Skitties. Works perfectly now ! and by the way of course I replaced the odd standard design thats so ugly that hopefully no shopowner keeps that in place :-))
  15. Hi all, first of all this truly is a great contrib !! I just have one small question: I'd like the related products box to show up in the same background color design as all my other boxes and like to include an appropriate reference to my stylesheet - but cant quite figure out where exactly and how exactly I have to put this code. Could anyone offer some clues? Many thanks !! BB