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  1. Code Red

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    I've installed and set up this module, but when I try to test it I get this when I click the Express Payment button - Unauthorized Access Just that - blank page with two words. If I try entering my credit card details I get this - error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure (Error No. 35) Any ideas what the problem is?
  2. Hi, love this contribution and have been using it for some time but I've started using PNG images and they don't display under ImageMagic. Updating to the most recent version makes no difference. This is on all browsers, Mac and PC not just IE. I've installed the IE fix anyway, but I still just get a blank "dead image link" box. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. I'm replying to this as I had the same problem and have only just fixed it. In includes/classes/shopping_cart.php look for this line (around line 230) - if ($this->contents[$key]['qty'] < 1) { change to this - if ($this->contents[$key]['qty'] < 0.1) { Or whatever minimum fraction you want to deal in
  4. Code Red

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Jack, not sure if I'm a Johnny-come-lately on the subject, but I got a mail from Google this morning listing changes to feed specification. One of these is that shipping costs need to be included, can this contribution handle this already/plans to do so before I start chopping away at your code like the amateur I am?
  5. Actually, it was the opposite which fixed it! The code was already using tep_get_ip_address, changing it to $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] did the trick - IPs are now automatically banned, thankyou!
  6. First of all, thanks for this great contribution - it's scary to see the number of times a website is attacked per day! It mostly seems to be working fine, just a couple of issues - 1. The auto-ban function doesn't seem to work. I have the config settings as follows - PHPIDS Module true IP Ban Module true Show Intrusion Result false E-mail Log Impact Score 8 DB Log Impact Score 4 IP Ban Impact Score 15 However, despite attack impacts in excess of 38, none of the hacker's IPs have been automatically banned. I've added a "ban all" option to the log page to save doing them all individually, but obviously I'd rather the site did it automatically, as frequently the same IP will make several attempts and I'd prefer them blocked in the first instance. Has anyone else experienced this problem? 2. Frequently the IP address recorded is, which is no use to block obviously. However, sometimes the email report I get does log the actual IP address alongside the localhost address, for example - IP: ( Date: 2011-03-01T14:42:58+00:00 Impact: 38 Affected tags: xss csrf id rfe sqli lfi Affected parameters: REQUEST.asc=eval%28base64_decode%28%5C%27ZXJyb3JfcmVwb3J0aW5nKDApO3NldF90aW1lX2xpbWl0KDApOw0KJH...etc etc (shortened for your viewing pleasure!) Request URI: /index.php Origin: But when I check the log, it's been recorded just as if the email message sent to me can log the real IP address, can the script be modified to pick this up and write it to the log? Just a couple of issues, but aside from that, this is great work and I'm very grateful!
  7. It should include all categories in the path. Be sure you clear the case settings in admin->Configuration->URL SEOs when making such a change. Do you mean the "Reset SEO URLs Cache" setting? I've tried that and it makes no difference, it's still dropping the child category.
  8. I've just installed this and it's working very well, except that the "Add Category Parent To Beginning of URLS" config doesn't appear to be working correctly. With it turned off, I get a URL like this - etcetc.com/electric-c-198.html With it turned on, I get this - etcetc.com/thrusters-bow-thrusters-c-22_30_198.html I lose the last child category off the URL. What I actually want is this - etcetc.com/thrusters-bow-thrusters-electric-c-22_30_198.html Is this how it's meant to work? Any ideas how I can modify it to put the full category path into the URL? Apologies if this has already been answered, a forum search didn't turn anything up.
  9. Code Red

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    UPDATE - I've just checked an order confirmation using me.com browser webmail (Apple's mac.com system) and it's not rendering properly - no background colours in the table headings. I think this module might work better with inline CSS?
  10. Code Red

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    Hi, I've just installed the latest version of this module and although the emails are much better than the stock OSCommerce output, I'm having problems with the stylesheet - no matter what changes I make to it, there's no change to the email that is sent out - the column headings and background colour remain the same, as do the font and font size. I tried using a different browser because I thought my browser may be storing the stylesheet settings somewhere, but no luck. I've even tried totally deleting the stylesheetmail.css file and I still get a formatted email!!! Is there something I'm missing here? Also, having tussled with HTML emails in the past I have some concerns about compatibility - I'm given to understand that using CSS in emails is a no-no and a lot of web-based email viewers will ignore this information totally. Does anyone have any information on how cross-compatible this contribution is, will it render as well in Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird and also in Hotmail, GMail etc etc?
  11. Code Red

    Country-State Selector

    ignore me - very easy, I was looking in the wrong place. I saw "Javascript" and went all panicky :rolleyes:
  12. Code Red

    Country-State Selector

    How easy is it to modify the ajax.js file so that if a selected country has no zones, instead of the State text box it either shows a nothing or "No States Entered"?
  13. Code Red


    Actually, it's Newsdesk mainly, but when I added the editor to categories it came up with the same problem. To be honest, I find WYSIWYG editors a pain in the neck because they slow the page down so much, but the client doesn't speak HTML, so the site needs it.
  14. Code Red


    Has anyone else come across this problem where FCK editor sticks a load of extra </br>'s into the body text every time you edit a news post? It's really annoying.