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  1. itdeal

    Easy Discount

    Sorry people, I'm not used to this forum's posting rules, so please forgive me for *bumping* my earlier question...
  2. itdeal

    Easy Discount

    Hello people, I'm currently working on a website where I thankfully use the Easy Discount contribution to give discount for specific products on specific days. I also have free shipping enabled when the order total is more than ? xxx. Problem is, I can't get the discount to be subtracted from the order total BEFORE the code start to calculate what the shipping costs are (or even free shipping if the amount is large enough). Clear example: Product list price ? 10. Normal shipping for orders below ? 10 is ?1, anything over ? 10 is free shipping When I give a discount of, say, ?2, the end total will be ?8. So, no free shipping. But what happens now is that the code keeps looking at the product list price and doesn't take the discount into account, hence the shipping will be free because the total is seen as ?10. I want the shipping costs to be calculated AFTER processing the discounts. Any hints where and how to do this?
  3. itdeal

    Must Select Option

    Hello people, I don't know if this thread is still being monitored or if the contrib is still being supported, but I have an important question. I installed the contrib and it's working fine. In the code for the product listing I made changes to do the following: 1. Clicking on a product image shows the product details. 2. Same when you click on the product name. 3. When you click on the Buy Now button, however, the product is added directly to the cart. The code for option 3, by default, does a check if there are product attributes for that product. If yes, it won't add to the cart, but will show the product details instead (so you can choose the product option). So far so good. Now here's where the Must Select contrib has to kick in. If there are no REQUIRED options, I want the product to be added to the cart directly. However, if there are required options, the product details have to be shown. I have dummy values in the options list, but only some of them must be selected (this works thanks to the Must Select contrib). For products that don't have any options at all, the code works just as I want it to. If there are options however, I want to perform an additional check for the type of option, before deciding to add to the cart (no options) or redirect to product details (to choose options). Can anyone please help?