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  1. Credit Card Fraud Detection Service - Maxmind v1.54 Change notes: 24 Dec 2006 01:45:01 V1.54 (1) Added PayPal IPN compatibility for the PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN module. (2) Modified the "Everybody else (so far) FIND:" in Step 6 to ALWAYS perform a fraud check even if its not a credit card transaction!
  2. It has worked GREAT for me and my fraud has dropped to almost nil !!! The only problem I had was getting it to work with PayPal IPN payments but I have solved that. Things have been busy and to be honest I have been putting off posting my version because I wanted to also see if I can modify and post a revision that will work with the new osC3. If you don't use PayPal IPN then go ahead and use the current posted verison. If you need it to work with IPN then keep checking as I will post it soon. Cheers!
  3. Hello KJ, I have finally figured it out!!! I got CCFD to work with PayPal IPN. After I document everything I will post the updated version.
  4. Greetings All, I just wanted to say that its very sad to see such a lack of support and interest with this very fine contribution! Please, don't take that the wrong way... as it is not directed at Noel (nrlatsha). I admire him for all the work he has done. Also cheers to the few people who do try to help. It's just a little confusing as to why the lack of support and interest when this contribution addresses a very important problem that effects all us merchants... FRAUD! Before MaxMind I was at a point where I either had to find a way to stop the huge amount of fraud my store was getting hit with or give up and go out of business! Why so much fraud? Well my store sells a virtual product (online game codes) and PayPal refuses to provide any charge back support for virtual products. Seeing that most of my customers use PayPal I had to continue to accept them as a payment provider but what else could I do? .... MAXMIND! Since I started using them my fraud has dropped to almost nil. But with this contribution I still had to check all my PayPal orders manually as it does not work for PayPal IPN transactions. My knowledge of PHP and osCommerce is average and getting better every day. I have been successful in modifying this to work with all my other payment options except the PayPal IPN. If you know how to get this working with PayPal IPN, have any suggestions or ideas... PLEASE let me know and post here for all. I will also continue to tinker with it and post my results. ... or will I be forced to switch to Algozone?