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  1. I have a question about the rewrite for manufacturers. I have had version 2.0b installed for quite some time now, and it works great. I was just doing some SEO work and noticed that it is not rewriting the manufacturers pages. For instance its still brining up this: /index.php?manufacturers_id=12 instead of rewriting the url. Everything else works perfect, I know that version 2.0b is suppose to rewrite the manufacturers pages. I also checked the .htaccess file. Which is showing what I would think would be the rewrite rule: RewriteRule ^(.*)-m-(.*).html$ index.php?manufacturers_id=$2&%{QUERY_STRING}. Any help getting this fixed would be greatly appreciated!
  2. dlkbailey

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    That is how I curently have it set up. Here is a screen shot of my settings: settings. I am using the default product_listing.php as well, but I am still getting two buy now buttons. If it would help to see the page for your self I can post a link. Thanks for the help.
  3. dlkbailey

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Do you know how I could get rid of this problem?
  4. dlkbailey

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Thank you for your help I did what you said and I am still getting two buyit now buttons, now I just dont have the quantity box.
  5. dlkbailey

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    Great script, it works great except for the colums. I am having the same problem as gunarbod. My last visible colum is 4 I set recent sales to 5 and I get two buy it now buttons, and two quantity boxes. I also tried six with the same result. Could you tell me of anyway to fix this. I do have a modified product_listing.php page.