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  1. Hi, I have had a look through the contributions and I can't seem to see one that will do what I want. I need to be able to offer my local customers free shipping with out disabling my Australian Shipping module. What I was hoping to do was find a contribution that allowed you to turn the shipping charge off for particular accounts. I would settle for giving them coupons for free shipping but couldn't find a contribution that would do this either. Can anyone help me?
  2. Thanks madcrazygirl! I installed the Discount Coupons contribution and it works beautifully. I hadn't realised it offered discount coupons for shipping. :D Just to make it easier for anyone else to find the Discount Coupon contribution is found here
  3. Hi, I'm installing the Australian Shipping Module and in the installation instructions it says to: In phpMyAdmin or similar run the auspost.sql to apply the changes to your database to create and update zones for the local and international modules. and I've obviously done the wrong thing because my installation isn't working. Can someone please tell me what I was supposed to do, you're help would be greatly appreciated. One second question, there is an upgrade available for the module I'm installing - it's written by someone else, should I be installing that instead?
  4. Hi I have just installed the Held Orders v2.0 MS2 ready contribution along with the fixes recommended for it. When I log into my admin I have the following error show up: Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong, and how I can fix it? If you need more information please ask me!
  5. carolb

    Shipping Cost By Zip Codes

    Hi Guys, I'd just like to say that this contribution is a life saver. I'm just wondering if someone can help me 'tweak' it so that it suits my purposes. I'm using it as a way to offer local delivery to select areas and basically I would like to change three things: 1. When the zipcode is not in one of the zones the module just doesn't show up as an option, if this is not possible at least just have it come up saying "Local delivery is not available in your area" instead of having errors and warnings show up everywhere. 2. Zone 1 has free shipping at the moment a message comes up saying that the delivery hasn't been able to be worked out which makes it sound as though I might sting these customers with an undisclosed shipping fee, can it just say shipping is free to your area or something. 3. I would like to change it so that it says "Local Delivery" instead of "Zipcode" I'm sure that's easy to do just haven't worked out where yet. Before installing Osc I've never worked with php before so I really don't know what I'm doing any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Carol
  6. Thanks Jack, I fixed my admin/categories file and now everything is working perfectly :D
  7. Hi Jack, Sorry, I don't seem to be receiving e-mail notifcations about this topic and I thought no-one had replied. I'm referring to my admin section. The Header Tags option is on the tool bar with the page control, text control, fill tags however when you go into the catalog and look at the catagories and products there are no extra fields in there. I can't work out what I've done wrong. Carol
  8. Hi, I'm hoping someone out there might be able to help figure out what I've done wrong. I had this contribution working perfectly on my previous installation but since I've moved my site to the root directory I haven't been able to get it working. I have the header tag file show up in my admin section, but nothing in my catergories or products (new or old) even after trying the auto fill option. I can't work out what I've missed. I don't know it will help if you look at My Webpage but please feel free. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :-) Carol
  9. carolb

    Held Orders v2.0 MS2 ready

    Thanks Jack, that's fixed it :D
  10. Hi, I have been trying to install a category description contribution without any success. So far I have installed the Unique Category Descriptions v1.2, followed the instructions for installation, and nothing has changed on my website. The only thing I can think is that I haven't created the directories properly. Being a complete newbie what I have done is basically ftped a folder called 'Desriptions' into the location specified in the instructions, then I used notebook to create a file saved it as my category name.php and ftped that into the folder. I went through my osc admin file manager to add text to the file and used basic html. According to the installation instructions the paragraph is supposed to appear in the category but nothing is showing up in mine. I have also tried installing Category Descriptions v1.1. Now the issue I have there is that some of the code I'm supposed to change in /admin/categories.php I can't find and I'm supposed to change things in /catalog/default.php which as far as I can see doesn't exist on my directory. Needless to say I haven't even been able to get through the installation process so I don't know if this contribution works on my site. If anyone can give me advice on how to get one of these category description contributions working it would be very much appreciated!!!
  11. Thanks again Jack, I installed the Header Tags Controller v2.5.9 and it is working beautifully. :D
  12. Thanks Jack, I'll look into the Header Tags Controller contrib. The contribution I installed was the latest version of that contrib - I didn't know to look for contribs from after July of 2003 so that was really helpful to know. I do look for support threads before I post (found that out early on :) ). Thanks for your help!
  13. carolb

    Australia Post module

    I enter my prices the same way. To be completely honest I'm starting to think there isn't any way the aust shipping module has caused these problems. I have other problems with my site that no-one can help me with so I'm about to unistall OSC and start again from scratch. I'll PM you and let you know whether I get the same problem next time I install Auspost!
  14. carolb

    Australia Post module

    Tax is showing in admin - although I just noticed it's calculating weird amounts. Just in the website catalog it's not showing up (or being added at checkout).
  15. carolb

    Australia Post module

    Hi Leslie, When I first went back into the tax area (because all items in my catalog were showing without tax for australian customers) I did see that the australian zone had been removed. However when I checked in tax zones there was an Australian zone set up: zone name: Australian zones, description: all local zones. There was also a World tax zone set up: zone name: World zones, description: all internation zones. When I went into tax rates only the World zone had been set up so I put in the Australian zone tax rate and my problem disappeared. The issue now is any new products I enter don't show up tax. Do I need to set up the Australian zone, tax zone and tax rate from the beginning, and if so will I need to do that for the 'World zones' as well? Thanks in advance, :D Carol
  16. carolb

    Australia Post module

    Since installing the Auspost shipping module any new products I've added to my catalog show up on my site excluding tax. Is that a coincidence or has the shipping module changed something.
  17. carolb

    Australia Post module

    Hi, complete newbie here, I have used phpmyadmin to install the sql files but I'm not sure if I have done the right thing. In phpmyadmin I selected the osc1 database, then clicked on then SQL tab, found the file using the browse function and hit GO. I did that for both files, is that right??? After installing auspost.sql it phpmyadmin came up with the message: Can someone let me know if I've done the right thing :-)
  18. Hi Alex, Just a quick note to let you know that I installed the PayPal in Australian (AUD) Currency contribution and that has fixed the problem of the Paypal payment page coming up with no information in it! Now I just have to work out why my customers keep getting kicked out of their secure connection. Thanks for all your help - if you have any thoughts as to the remainder of the faults in my website please let me know! :-) Carol
  19. Hi Alex, thanks for all your looking around! This was the original problem I had that caused me to install the paypal ipn in the first place (which someone else had recommended as a fix). I hadn't installed any other contributions before the Paypal IPN and AusPost shipping module (which I installed in that order). I'm at a loss as to what I've done wrong - could it be because when I set up AUD as the default currency I completely deleted USD? Also, could the payment amount be going across as zero because the currency is AUD? Would installing the Paypal in Australian Currency contribution fix that? I didn't install that originally because I wasn't sure if it was compatible with the Paypal IPN.
  20. I have another problem I'm hoping you may be able to help me with. I have followed your instructions right up to the bit where we start trying to enable encryption except for the instructions regarding downloads as all my products are physical and none require the download capability. When I have tried to test the Paypal IPN module the Paypal payment screen comes up with the following information: When you click on the update basket option it comes up with the following message: I'm not sure what I have done wrong. This is the configuration parameters I have in the Paypal IPN module: The URL for my website is www.greengumhome.com.au/store. Please help!
  21. Hi, I'm a complete newbie and I'm still stuck on getting my certificates. I contacted my host quoting what you had said in the installation guide and they gave me the following response: My problem is that I don't know what this means and what I should be doing next (other then employing a professional which isn't an option). Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Hi, I have installed the Paypal IPN module and everything seemed to be going smoothly untill you confirm the order and get sent to the Paypal payment screen where you get the message,'Shopping cart empty'. When you click on the refresh shopping cart button it comes up with another message saying, 'The recipient of this shopping cart link is not an approved shopping cart user. Please review your selection and try again.' Obviously I've done something wrong when setting up the module, this is what I've put in: PayPal IPN Enable PayPal IPN Module False E-Mail Address greengum@greengumhome.com.au Transaction Currency Selected Currency Payment Zone --none-- Set Preparing Order Status Preparing [PayPal IPN] Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status default Gateway Server Testing Transaction Type Per Item Page Style greensitestudio Debug E-Mail Address greengum@greengumhome.com.au Sort order of display. 0 Enable Encrypted Web Payments False Your Private Key Your Public Certificate PayPals Public Certificate Your PayPal Public Certificate ID Working Directory OpenSSL Location /usr/bin/openssl When I tested the module I did have it enabled and I used the live gateway server. Can anyone see what I've done wrong and can tell me how to fix it. Assume you're writting instructions for an idiot because after trying to get my website up and working for a week that's what I feel like!
  23. carolb

    newbie needs help

    Hi, I'm trying to get my Paypal to work properly and I've had people to tell me to install a Paypal IPN contribution. But which one? How do I choose? According to my control panel I have OSC 2.2 MS2 (051113) installed if this helps you advise me on what to do. Basically I just want my customers order details and totals to pre-populate into the Paypal payment page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  24. carolb

    newbie needs help

    Hi Wendy, This looks great. How do I install it? Sorry, I've never tried to do this before.