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  1. Hi all I have successfully installed the Choice of Free Gifts Module contributions. So far so good :) But now I have a question: if the customer chooses a gift from the dropdown on shopping_cart.php and clicks the button "Update" should then the chosen gift appear on the shopping cart list below the things the customer buys? In my case the gift is not added to the list, but then appears at the page end of checkout_confirmation.php I would actually like to appear the chosen gift in the shopping cart list. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for your help :)
  2. JaneWayne

    Postfinance Payment Module

    Hi Nick Thank you very much for your answer :) PF did change my Hash seed and nw it only contains 2 special chars {' so far so good... I have directly added the Hash to /includes/modules/payment/postfinance.php which unfortunately didnt solve the problem. But both times I did get the same hash in the hidden field. 022d44c0270e2092d6f5c900e697e700 022d44c0270e2092d6f5c900e697e700 Im not sure if I did understand the bit with the md5 generator: I did convert the master shop id XXXX_yp, the Hash, the shop id XXXX and the currency CHF in the md5 generator. So I have 4 md5 generared strings. But what am I doing now? Thanks for your help Brigitte
  3. JaneWayne

    Postfinance Payment Module

    Hi I have installed this contrbution and did successfully test it with my testing account. Now my customer subscribed to the Postfinance service and recieved the needed details. Before we were going live we wanted to do some test with customers ID and always received the error number 100. Postfinance customers service told me that this error occurs if the hash they did calculate does not match with the one the shop did calculate. We didn't had this problem with my test ID, but apparently they dont control the hash on test accounts and therefore we never had a problem. Now the shop should go live and I have no clue how to solve the problem. Help would greatly be appreciated :) Thanks in advance ! Brigitte
  4. JaneWayne


    Hi Has anyonee made a module for saferpay now? I'm willing to pay for it. Thanks :)