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  1. The instructions say to install the sql and then follow the instructions in the Install_Catalog.txt and to stop there and check it. Was it working at that point or did you skip that part?




    I ran the script, made the changes specified in Install_Catalog.txt, then made the changes specified in Install_Admin.txt.


    After I did Install_Catalog.txt, nothing had happened.. nothing was different. Same with after I did Install_Admin.txt. Nothing. :blink:


    Like I said, I have a very heavily modified index.php, and some of the lines of text I was to replace were just not there. So I left them out. Do you think that's why it's not working?



  2. Hi, I'm having trouble installing this contrib...


    I didn't read all 125 pages of this thread, (I did read quite a few though) so I'm sorry if this has already been answered.


    Basically, my problem is that after making the necessary changes, and running the .sql file, nothing at all happens. I can't figure out what the heck is going on... I'm using a fairly heavily modded store, so I'm guessing it has to do with that. I was unable to complete several of the changes I was supposed to make because the original text simply was not there.


    All I want to know is if this has happened before, and if so, what the solution is. If not, then oh well. I give up for now. Been trying to fix this thing for 5 hours straight and nothing seems to work.


    btw, all of the changes I was unable to complete were located in catalog/index.php

  3. I'm confused as to how this problem is related to On the Fly, but it is somehow.


    Here's the problem:




    See the double titles? Not cool. I know the problem involves On the Fly because when I replace the altered html_output.php with the original, the problem goes away. The fact that nobody else has posted this problem leads me to believe that it's some kind of conflict with another contrib I have installed. But none of the other contribs I have needed to edit html_output.php!


    I've debated just nuking the titles altogether in index.php... but yeah. I'd rather have it fixed.


    Thanks for any help!