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  1. I just exhausted to find a solution of this problem since I am facing the same, but it seems there is a constant difference between Payment Type Discount and values and it is app. %15 which is your tax percentage. So, if the total seems correct which is obviously correct and if the thing is the only view, you can change by changing the output as below, in ot_payment.php & line 37, $this->output[] = array('title' => $this->title . ':', 'text' => '<font color="#FF0000"><b>-' . $currencies->format($od_amount/1.15) . '</font></b>', 'value' => $od_amount); I added a minus sign and colored to red to show discount better. I hope this will solve the problem in short term. Wishes,
  2. nemiroff

    Problem with Payment Type Discount

    It doesn't calculate right for me also, are there any idea to use PAYMENT TYPE DISCOUNT rather than this?? Help please, I need to grant 10% discount for T/T Transfer payments in my site.
  3. I am still brainstorming about the problem above ? Are there anyone face the same problem ? What should I do, I can't receive the error messages except the URL ? Any help is highly appreciated.
  4. Dear All, Thanks for this amazing contribution. I installed carefully within 45 minutes by reading all steps twice without any fatal error. But, When i enter invalid codes or used codes, I don't receive any error message on the site except URL. I read the previous messages where this may be due to installed template on default oscommerce. There are some other messages also which didn't replied. the error_message is ******/checkout_payment.php?error_message=The+coupon+code+you+have+entered+is+not+valid. ******/checkout_payment.php?error_message=Our+records+show+that+you+have+used+this+coupon+1+time%28s%29.++You+may+not+use+this+code+more+than+1+time%28s%29. kgt replied one of the messages, "...as due to templates, the default warning messages were disabled..." but I am still receiving some warning messages like below with my templated osc ms2.2, SO, IS IT POSSIBLE TO RECEIVE THIS KIND OF WARNING MESSAGES WITH THIS CONTRIBUTION ? (I actually don't know which kind of warning message is appearing since I see only in the url.) Thanks a lot...