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  1. Thank you for this contribution. Before I go live, I'd like to test with a 5000 card number. I'm getting "The first four digits of the number entered are: 5000. If that number is correct, we do not accept that type of credit card. If it is wrong, please try again. Name & Expiration Date Entered: John Doe- Expiration Date Entered: 09/10" (and I'm using the CVV code of 123, as instructed). and configured "Credit cards accepted Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover" I've tested with a 4111 card test number and it all goes through fine (except billing the fake card)... I have ver 1.2 from 31-Jan 2009... Any thoughts? Thanks very much, rickvv
  2. rickvv

    CVV2 for 2.2RC2a

    Yes. He wants to add shipping which may change with each item (heavy rubber fatigue mats that are drop-shipped.) This might be a huge relief. Thanks for getting me to look in that direction. I will work on this. Thanks so very much :)
  3. rickvv

    CVV2 for 2.2RC2a

    We were fine when OScommerce split the credit card number, replacing half the digits with X's and didn't require the CVV. My client has an aversion to automating this (although he does have a credit card processor that can plug into OSC), he has products which he claims are difficult to add shipping costs onto, during the ordering process. He is doing much of this whole process manually, in spite of himself. I am looking at this PCI compliance, and realizing that my client will probably need to migrate off OSCommerce, and get over to something else. Or at least use the Processor Gateway. (You should have seen what he was doing before OScommerce three years ago...his "cart" was sending an email with the entire creditCard number, along with customer's personal info out. That was scary). Thanks for your input, rickvv
  4. rickvv

    CVV2 for 2.2RC2a

    I have gotten through reading the install doc for Google Junky's CVV2 contribuition. In the 3rd step find/replace, the instaructions are as follows, except that the code block doesn't exist. I have updated my OScommerce on BlueHost using Fantastico (2.2 Release Candidate 2a + buySAFE)...what have I missed? Thanks so much, Rickvv : Find this code block(Near line 200) <?php } ?> REPLACE WITH: <?php if (MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_CVV2 == 'True') { ?> <tr> <td class="main"><?php echo ENTRY_CREDIT_CARD_CVV2; ?></td> <td class="main"><?php echo $order->info['cc_cvv2']; ?></td> </tr> <?php } } ?>