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  1. well Phil... I don't know if this will help your situation... but your post did help mine. Since I had done the same thing you did... delete the allprods page... I thought maybe it was just it... so I went back and replaced all the "header..." something files from the mod... it resetted it and I had my allprods again and index and everything... so I went and tried it again... and now everything is perfectly working... Hope this helps someone... thanks again
  2. hum... this is exactly what is happening to me... only... I didn't delete my index.php page... just the allprods because I didn't have use for it and it's when my issue has started... does this help?
  3. I forgot to mention that eventough I set it so that the Category and Product name would be added to the Keyworks or description... none of this is no longer happening either. Thanks for any help
  4. ok... I went and updated the first product... went to look at my meta... and the changes showed... but I didn't like the page title cause there were too much stuff there... so I went back to Header/page text and went to remove that title I had put in product info ... and I updated... and now all of a sudden nothing is working anymore... I backstepped and redone the first few steps... and went to fill tags and told it to Fill All buttons and I updated like you said... only... this time it's not working at all... I only have the meta title/desc/keywords of my index page and that's it... I went directly into the product again and tried to change it... once again... nothing happens... Any thought on what i did wrong and how I can reset this?? Sorry for being such a pain
  5. oh my... first let me apoligize for my TOTAL dumbness... i was looking at this just on the Header Tags menu thing... for some reason... don't ask... it never crossed this feeble brain to look directly into the content... just found it... AMAZING... totally amazing... and i thank you for your patience in replying to me. Thank you thank you
  6. Sorry I guess I am missing details here... I can see how each of my products now have more info... I wish I would have been able to write them individually... so my question is more... is there a way I can do this... or the only would be to give more descriptive names to my products?? (which in my case will be very hard) thanks
  7. Hi Jack, First, thank you for this contribution... I have installed it succesfully or so it seems so far... :blush: my question to you is... can I create tags for individual products? I have been able to set the ones for my index page and the product info and others... with general terms to their content... It would really help my business though if I could create them for individual products or at least individual categories... Did I miss something or am I asking too much and this is something that isn't possible to do at all? Thanks again
  8. missdaisy


    yes...and it works wonderfully so far. I just need to go to my products attributes... create the attributes once... and then right in the catalog when adding a product you have a menu that's added by Ajax Attribute Manager in which you can create "templates" or set of an attribute. for example, you can go to products attribute and create option SIZE then in option value you would create s, m, l, xl and so forth... now instead of adding those attributes one buy one on the product attribute page... I go to my catalog and create my item and there I add my attributes... the first time you create your template and all the other times, you just need to pick the template you want to add. contrary to you... I know nothing, zilch, nada about programming but that one is very easy to manage... but I think you will still need to add something to manage quantities hope this helps a bit :blush:
  9. missdaisy

    how to create a contrib

    oh and before someone points out gently the thread that is pinned at the top of the Contrib Support forum... thanks saw that... and it's exactly why I am asking my question. I want to know the preferences or etiquette/// things like folder hierarchy and naming files I had already figured out for myself. I also know though that it took me this last month to get 2 simple things running as they should because I wasn't finding the right things or the explanation that came with them was either too confusing to me... or confused to begin with... :D not criticizing... just trying to be helpful... thanks again
  10. Hi you all, can anyone tell me how to create a contribution or add to a contribution. I have been installing some contributions and I think the right word would be struggling... :D I do appreciate all the help I found on this forum but I know so very little myself... :blush: Upon installing some of the contributions, I saw that there were places where the translation to french or french to english wasn't always what it should be. I am generally comfortable in both languages, so I was wanting to help with that part if I could but I want to make sure I do it properly and not messing any order of things. Are there rules on how I should go about this, that I should know about? For instance... do I just write a text file for manual install or go modify the file itself and upload it... Should I ask the person that offered the contrib first??? Should I compress the files or no one cares... anything else that comes to mind??? Thanks
  11. missdaisy


    From what I have been doing for the last few days... Yes you could. You would I think have to use the Voucher option and kind of give it the serial number of your choice in the subject line or something of the kind and send it to your customer. That balance would show up in your voucher balance. Changing the name "voucher" to the term you prefer using would be easy enough. You'd just have to be thorough that you actually change the term on the FAQ pages as well to keep an homogenous (sorry spelling) content. If you'd like me to test this with you by creating a false one on my site, I don't mind... just PM me.
  12. missdaisy


    actually... the question does apply to this contrib as well as others... the question came up to my mind while I was doing something else and mentionned it because I didn't want you to think I was saying there was a mistake in YOUR contrib... I don't know how to do most of what you do here... but I do know another language... if I can be of help to add to your contrib by doing so and give back a little, I thought it might be appreciated... I was wanting to know how to do it without messing it up. I asked specifically on YOUR thread because I thought I was going to get the best answer and do it properly the first time. My mistake... won't happen again, I will go and start another thread on the subject and see if I get an answer.
  13. missdaisy


    what I am saying is that myself I can correct it because I know both languages and made my own corrections... but what of others who don't know both languages... how do I make it so that the correction is available to others??
  14. missdaisy

    Order Status

    trust me... I know how you feel... :lol: :lol:
  15. I gave up and just got rid of the whole "member_flag" shabang... apart from not being able to have that useful "send new password" /// am I missing anything... because from what i see at this point... I am able to create orders, edit existing orders and create an account. So I have alarm bells ringing that I might be overlooking something... forgot to say that when I edited an existing order and tick NOTIFY... the email was sent and received... so am I in the clear?