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  1. Seems like there was something wrong with my database. After a clean database installation the problem was gone. Maybe has to do with some other contribution previously installed...
  2. I have this working but the previews is not showing up on the admin page. They are showing up on the preview after I've submitted, but not on the product edit page. Noticed in the sourcecode that they are linked as "/catalog/images/product_x.jpg" instead of "http://www.server.com/catalog/product_x.jpg" Anyone got a clue? I believe my configure.php files looks as they should. Thanks for taking the time.
  3. Solved it myself. echo $product_info['products_image'] prints the url of product image and $imageurls .= $row['categories_image'] . ' ' ; // from php.net // split a string into an array of space-delimited tokens, taking double-quoted strings into account function tokenizeQuoted($string) { for($tokens=array(), $nextToken=strtok($string, ' '); $nextToken!==false; $nextToken=strtok(' ')) { if($nextToken{0}=='"') $nextToken = $nextToken{strlen($nextToken)-1}=='"' ? substr($nextToken, 1, -1) : substr($nextToken, 1) . ' ' . strtok('"'); $tokens[] = $nextToken; } return $tokens; } $tokens = tokenizeQuoted($imageurls); outputs the categories image urls as $tokens[0], $tokens[1], $tokens[2] etc
  4. Bump! Anyone? I'm willing to pay a 15$ donation through paypal for a working solution.
  5. Hello! I was wondering if anyone happens to know if there are some convenient way to print the urls of the categorie's images as variables? example: url of the image of category1 printed as $variable1 url of the image of category2 printed as $variable2 And while I'm at it, i also wonder if it's possible to print the url image of product image x as a variable? Thanks in advance & for reading!
  6. Hi, I have a problem with STS displaying $imagesmall when there is no uploaded image for a product. I was wondering if anyone has a solution for this? I'm thinking if it's possible to set $imagesmall to null when there is no image somehow. Any help is very much appriciated. Thanks!