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  1. Fixed. Download new version (v0.2.2) here:,391
  2. Though I haven't find time to test yet, I think this fix is CORRECT. I will update the package after I test it by myself.
  3. The estimate delivery date string is cut from the response from CP server.
  4. Sorry, forget to say Thank you, John. More shamed. :oops: :oops:
  5. Hi John Do you mean I can setup my own box size on CanadaPost's server, instead of using theirs? I have read most of the documents of the server, but didn't noticed that I can do it, and by now, I haven't open my own CP account yet. :oops:
  6. I have found the problem, it's because when a user choose a method and click continue button, the program will run the shipping module again, with a method parameter to get the shipping cost for the choosen method (the first time has no parameter, means get all available methods). And as everybody can guess, the previous canadapost module doesn't handle that parameter correctly. File is here:,750/type,2
  7. Hi John, Thank you for your work. Looks like Toronto Police also want to sell something online? 8-) I haven't looked into the modified code yet. But I guess your idea should be assign dimension to each product, and pass them to CanadaPost server. As far as I know, CanadaPost will assume that you want to use one of their package carton, and will try to fit all of your products into the smallest one they have. And then, based on the finally carton it picked, calculate the price. But the problem for me is, we have our own cartons (3 different sizes). We are going to pack multipul products into one of them depend on the products dimension and quantity. My current idea is hard-code the program to pick one of our own carton, and only pass one product (with changed price, added amount, modified description, our own carton size, and ready to ship attribution) to the CanadaPost server. But the problem is, first, this is not a good solution, because it's hard-coded; second, what if a customer buy many products that can't fit into one carton. Any suggestion or comments on this topic will be appreciated.
  8. Yes you are right. I will look into the code and let you guys know the result. Thanks for the info.
  9. That's right. osC doesn't keep size info. That's why I say it's a big problem. As far as I know, yes, Canada Post has a different product server, which has a different IP address of cause, but the port is the same ( For our module, its 30000).
  10. Check your product's weight. Also check your configuration, in admin->Configuration->shipping/packaging, the package tare weight (your package box's weight) and larger packages values. I set them as 0.2 and 0 respectively. Please note according to CanadaPost's documention, the weight is in kg, and size is in cm. There's also a minor bug in old module could cause XML parsing error. Basically it's about the package size, osC doesn't provide these information. It is a big problem for us. I haven't find a way to resolve this yet, only did a workaround in the new version.
  11. I do hope Kelvin (the original author) can be here answering these questions. I haven't look into the CanadaPost's documentations. I just covert the original version into a new version for POST-Nov.1.2002 CVS which introduced a new checkout process. For the coverting I learn that you must have height/weight/width for each of the product (in Inch, I guess), otherwise the server will return an error message.
  12. Thank you Kyle for the feedback. I have fixed it, and repack the module and number it as 1.2-4. Wayne, yes you need to disable then re-enable the module to make sure the configuration options get into the database properly. And this module works for all 2.2 CVS versions. Please look here:
  13. I hate to say this but I have to announce that the version 1.2-3 I uploaded yesterday has some bug again. So please ignore that version and use this instead. If you have already installed 1.2-3, just follow the upgrade section in readme.txt file. You can find the file here:,662/type,3
  14. This is the CanadaPost shipping module for Post-Nov.1.2002 CVS Version (i.e. the new checkout procedure). This module was originally created by Kelvin Zhang. See readme.txt for more details. Download here:,658/type,2 A working copy can be found at
  15. Then you should use the current Canada Post version. I really can't figure out what you did wrong. When I install it, I followed the instructions in the package, and it worked quite well. then I altered some codes myself. But anyways the module should work without any modification.