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  1. Hi, first i like this Contribute! Good work!!! Now my problem :blush: I upload my products with a full path for the images. Like: This is because we got a few different shops with sometimes the same products. I don't want to store the same image on X different locations. :thumbsup: Normaly OSC can't handle this. So i added some code to the products_thumb.php (start line 98): global $use404, $tn_browser_cache; if (isset($_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"]) && $_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"] == "HTTP/1.1") $httpProtocol = "HTTP/1.1"; else $httpProtocol = "HTTP/1.0"; if (substr($file,0,30) == '') { $filesubstr = str_replace(substr($file,0,30), '',$file); if (copy($file, 'images/' . $filesubstr)) { $file = 'images/' . $filesubstr; } else { // Copy failed. display a noimage.jpg --- not working $file = 'images/default/keinbild.jpg'; } } When i visit the products_thumb.php directly the image is copied and a thumbnail is shown. (cache mode) But if i visit the products_info.php nothing is shown or copied. Even the call in the info.php is the same as the one i showed above! Any idea where the bug can be? Ah and another thing. After the thumbnail is shown in the browser the copied image should be deleted again. i tried this with: unlink('images/' . $filesubstr); at the end of the products_thumb.php. But nothing happens. :huh: