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    CVV Help Popup - viaklix gateway

    i followed the logic that was used in the options as images contribution (thank you!) to enable the help popup, this may seem like a long explication, but i'll try to describe every step that i took! if you follow these steps, you will end up with a functional (but pretty basic looking) popup showing the help text. a few little adjustments with the style and you should be ready to go! so, without further ado, here's what i did... 1. in the catalog directory, create a new file for the help information (i called mine viaklix_help.php) the code i used for this file is as follows (it's not too long!): <?php require('includes/application_top.php'); $navigation->remove_current_page(); require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/modules/payment/viaklix.php'); ?> <!doctype html public "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html <?php echo HTML_PARAMS; ?>> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<?php echo CHARSET; ?>"> <title><?php echo TITLE; ?></title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"> </head> <body> <div class="boxText" style="text-align:center;padding:5px;font-size:9pt;font-weight:bold;"><?php echo HEADING_CVV; ?></div> <div class="boxText" style="text-align:left;padding:5px;"><?php echo TEXT_CVV; ?></div> <div class="boxText" style="text-align:center;padding:5px;"><a href="java script:self.close()"><?php echo TEXT_CLOSE_WINDOW; ?></a></div> </body> </html> <?php require('includes/application_bottom.php'); ?> 2. now open the file: catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/viaklix.php we'll need to add the name of the help file here. for my viaklix_help.php file, i added the line: define('FILENAME_POPUP_CVV', 'viaklix_help.php'); i also 'cleaned up' the html output defined for TEXT_CVV because it was missing the images, etc... when i had finished the code looked like this: define('TEXT_CVV', '<b>Visa, Mastercard, Discover 3 Digit Card Verification Number</b><br> For your safety and security, we require that you enter your card\'s verification number. The verification number is a 3-digit number printed on the back of your card. It appears after and to the right of your card number\'s last four digits.<hr> <b>American Express 4 Digit Card Verification Number</b><br>For your safety and security, we require that you enter your card\'s verification number. The American Express verification number is a 4-digit number printed on the front of your card. It appears after and to the right of your card number.'); 3. lastly, the checkout_payment.php page needs the definition of the function popupWindow(). you should open the file catalog/checkout_payment.php and paste the following javascript code inside the <script language="javascript"><!-- and the --></script> tags (i added mine at line 94) function popupWindow(url) { window.open(url,'popupWindow','toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,res izable=yes,copyhistory=no,width=100,height=100,screenX=150,screenY=150,top=150,le ft=150') } and that should be it!
  2. mdalton


    hey liz, i was having the same problem a few days ago. i'm not an expert in php, so i don't know if this is a bug or a one off solution (i'd be interested to see what you think rhea!). i followed the code through to the file: catalog/includes/classes/order_total.php at line 119, i replaced the 'or' for an 'and' beacause i had two iterations, and the second was overwriting the first (it's only one week on and i've already forgotten exactly what was happening!!!)... original : if ( ($use_credit_string !='' ) || ($selection_string != '') ) { change to : if ( ($use_credit_string !='' ) && ($selection_string != '') ) { hope this helps, good luck mike
  3. mdalton


    sorry to ask more questions, however... i've installed the contribution onto a fresh osCommerce install and everything looks fine. the problem i have is that when a customer buys a gift certificate it appears twice in the orders section. it can only be mailed once, but is showing as two separate orders (with the same order number). i sent the coupon to a test recipient, and used it. this account also showed two orders, one at the original price and a second at the discounted price. in fact all orders are showing twice in the order history. the only other contrib i have installed is the french traduction pack. any help would be greatly appreciated, i'll be rummaging around in the code for the time being!!! thanks in advance mike
  4. mdalton


    i noticed this too... i think that the problem is that the names of the constants in the file - admin/includes/boxes/gv_admin.php are not the same as their definitions in - admin/includes/languages/add_ccgvdc_english.php ie BOX_GV_ADMIN_GV_QUEUE in gv_admin.php should correspond to BOX_GV_ADMIN_QUEUE in add_ccgvdc_english.php ... i changed the names in add_ccgvdc_english.php to match gv_admin.php and it worked for me good luck mike
  5. mdalton

    viaKlix - Help

    did you ever find out how to fix this? i have just installed the contribution and have the same error message when i try to run a test payment. earlier in this post, daver6 mentions that he changed the card number to run tests, but i'm not sure what he means when he says that he added 000 to MC edit ??? i have also tried user99999999's code change, but that hasn't helped either! any help from those who have this working would be great... thanks in advance mike
  6. mdalton


    i checked out josCommerce, but it doesn't look anywhere near ready yet. it's not easy to find a way to give the client a single login, and let them manage content and product! maybe soon!!! thanks again, mike
  7. mdalton


    thanks anyway rhea, i think that i'll end up running mambo / osCommerce alongside each other instead of using the mosCommerce integration - things shouold be simpler that way! mike
  8. mdalton


    hi, i'm currently involved a web site development within a mambo / mosCommerce environment. i followed your manual installation instructions to install CCVG (trad). i had to tweak some of the code (mainly the links) to get it running in the admin section without errors. my problem is that none of the functionality works for me. i have followed the instructions to the letter and read through the forums, so i'm pretty sure that this is because the contribution has been written for osCommerce and not mosCommerce. however, i just wanted to check if there are there any fixes or tricks that i'm missing? i would really like to get this contribution up and running, it would be a great addition to the site. if there is something i can do, or if anyone has this running in mosCommerce, please let me know. any help would be greatly appreciated - even if it's just someone telling me that it's not possible and i'm wasting my time! thanks in advance mike config: CCGV(trad) mosCommerce v.1.0.1 (osCommerce 2-2-MS2) Mambo 4.5.2 Stable Apache/1.3.33 PHP/4.3.10