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  1. lupis

    Simple Price Break Contribution

    Hello, Could someone please tell me if I can use this particular price break scenario with this 'Simple price break contribution' (note the gap I have between the various price breaks): 1 to 10 widgets - $5.00 20 to 40 widgets - $4.95 60 to 80 widgets - $4.00 100 to 200 widgets - $3.00 If a customer entered a quantity of 45, would the system calculate the price at $4.95? Also, does anyone have a working website where I can see this contribution installed?
  2. lupis

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hello, Does anyone have an example of this contribution in action? I promise I won't make any test purchases!! lupis
  3. lupis

    Pending Order Downloads

    Is there an easy way to make sure that no handling charge is attributed to downloadable products?
  4. lupis

    Pending Order Downloads

    Cancel that - I found it in english/checkout_success.php. I just deleted the text that was there and kept the bit that says "your downloads will be available in my account". Thanks for the help.
  5. lupis

    Pending Order Downloads

    I appreciate that. Which file do I need to change? The text comes up on checkout_success. I looked in the english/checkout_success file but not there. I looked in download.php but cannot locate this text.
  6. lupis

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    I have had a running error message when customers view their orders in their account at account_history_info.php as follows: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class order in /catalog/includes/classes/estimated_shipping_class.php on line 0 Can someone please tell me what I need to do to fix this? It occurs when customers click to view an order in their account.
  7. lupis

    Pending Order Downloads

    I just installed the modifications. Is it correct that what the modification does is remove the link to the download on the confirmation page? So the words "Download your product here" still show up? Is there any way to remove this text and replace it with something like "Thanks for your payment. When your payment comes through your downloadable product will become available to download in your account." ??
  8. lupis

    Pending Order Downloads

    Sounds like a beauty!
  9. lupis

    Pending Order Downloads

    So the pending orders contribution will fix the problem with customers who choose paypal to be able to download the product without sending payment. What can I install that will fix the problem for bank transfer, cheque and money order customers being able to download the product without sending payment?
  10. lupis

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi there, Can someone please tell me if once installed this contribution can be turned off in admin? Lupis
  11. What exactly do you want to do? If you are talking about adding Ireland to the list of countries to ship to, just put the 2 letter code (which I assume is IR) into the shipping table. Please elaborate and someone may be able to help you further.
  12. lupis

    Multiple language

    Have you tried searching the contributions for language packs for your languages? If your languages are not in the contributions area then you will need to translate files into the languages that you want.
  13. lupis

    promotion code module

    Credit Class and Gift Voucher - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ch,gift+voucher
  14. Where do I go to put a separate or border at the bottom of each product listing?
  15. stiksandstones, in admin you can set out a list of the products to which the coupon applies. Here you can exclude your sale items.