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  1. Note : Code has a notifu url in place that will override setting on paypal profile.

    Paypal profile will not allow a blank value if you set IPN to true so use what I stated above or any dummy value.




    Thanks Satish,


    Which of the following goes in the Auto Return for Website Payments?





    I have seen both stated in posts and also have seen posts saying that previous posters were wrong in recommending one or the other.


    Thanks again


  2. Hi Satish,


    I hope you don't mind me asking this question.


    In trying to get PayPal Standard (with IPN) working I have seen multiple conflicting recommendations of what URL's are needed on the PayPal Auto Return and IPN URL's.


    The three files I have seen mentioned are:






    I trust your opinion over all the conflicting documentation and forum posts.


    Which URL goes in the Instant Payment Notification (IPN)?


    Which URL goes in Auto Return for Website Payments?


    Thanks in Advance,


  3. Use Module that comes with oscommerce 2.3.1 if there is no specific reason with the version you plan to go.




    Hi Satish,


    Thanks for the reply. I am running an old version "application_top.php,v 1.272 2003/03/31 " of oscommerce.


    I downloaded the zip 2.3.1 and see all the files. However the catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/standard_ipn.php is in the EXT directory and my version of oscommerce does not have an EXT directory. If I install the file in my catalog/includes/modules/payment directory then the





    code will fail because the chdir will cd one directory back to far and the subsequent require will fail.


    Can I just change the chdir to chdir('../../../'); or am I opening a can of worms.



  4. I am trying to install paypal_standard_1_0.


    The installation tips thread http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/331996-how-to-setup-paypal-website-payments-standard/page__hl__paypal+logo__st__20 refers to 12. Set the return URL to http://<your website>/catalog/ipn.php.


    I do not have that ipn.php file in my catalog and it is not in the paypal_standard_1_0 addon module that I downloaded. I am running an old version (to be upgraded 1/2012) but I need to get PayPal running.


    Where is the ipn.php?




  5. Tom,


    Even OLD heavily modified stores need to be updated at some point. You are doing your client an injustice by not telling them they need to create a new site using v2.3.1.



    Having said that, most any of the PayPal modules will function even with the older versions.






    Thanks Chris,


    I have recommended the upgrade and they will be upgrading at the 1st of the New Year.


    Thanks for the info on compatibility. I was not sure if an older version of OSC relying on Globals ON would work with a new PayPal module.

  6. I'm an old member from 2003 and need some help. My client has a 1.272 oscommerce version with a 1.39 paypal.php installed.


    They have never activated the paypal module and the site is heavily modified so an upgrade to the latest oscommerce is not in the immediate future.


    Which version of paypal should I download and install/configure that will give me the best possible paypal system.


    Thanks in advance for your help and its good to be back in the oscommerce world once again.



  7. Hi Guys/Gals,


    Its been quite awhile since I have participated here, so I need your help.


    I'm running osCommerce 2.2-MS2-CVS and need to install an XML Sitemap that will be compatible with Google, Yahoo etc.


    I'm hoping to find an "EASY" to install/modify contribution since my site is heavily modified.


    Thanks in advance for you help and its good to be back.



  8. I'm not aware of any contribution.....


    However, I would think that you could change the download php file that copies the jpeg file to the download directory. Modify it to create a version of the jpeg with embeded text. Google for phpthumb and you'll find a nice GD compatible function that will create the new jpeg with the invoice number in it.




  9. Around line 258 in catalog/checkout_process.php




    tep_mail($order->customer['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->customer['lastname'], $order->customer['email_address'], EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, $email_order, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS);


    and make it


    // tep_mail($order->customer['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->customer['lastname'], $order->customer['email_address'], EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, $email_order, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS);


    That should just skip the email to customer.




  10. You need to add the "download" attribute to the product, zero weight, ftp to download folder and then make sure the order status is set to completed. Also highly recommend adding the "download controller" in the contribution section for easy admin of downloads (although it's not mandatory to do so.)


    If the payment on checkout was a "sale" and not just pending, then a link will be created for immediate download. Otherwise after you have set the order ot completed the link will be available in the customers order history.




  11. Same file - catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payments/moneyorder.php



      define('MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER', "Make Payable To: ". MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_PAYTO . "\n\nSend To:\n" . STORE_NAME_ADDRESS . "\n\n" . 'Your order will not ship until we receive payment.');


    and change to




    Do not use the oscommerce File Manager editor. It will cause parse errors by stripping the escape character \. Edit locally on your PC then ftp back to your site.


    If you still have parse errors then post the code for us to see and we will point out the error for you (hopefully).




  12. catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payments/moneyorder.php


    Change lines 14 and 15 to