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    error in admin/includes/class/upload.php

    This appears to be a microsoft bug/limitation and nothing to with osCommerce. The POST data from the contrib is probably over 10kb. See the following ..... for bill gate's workaround. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/819962 HTH Tom
  2. OceanRanch

    LinkPoint API & CURL Suggestion

    As I recall on an install I did, the "Curl could not be excecuded" message is generated when a NULL return comes back from the Curl call. Curl may be setup just fine. In my case Curl just couldn't get past the firewall I had setup. The documentation indicated that a certain port (i'm guessing at 1029) needed to be open for it to communcate with linkpoint. As Tom (PlayerO) indicated, the best way is to perform the test API functions at the command line in verbose debug mode and you'll see what's happening much more clearly. HTH Tom
  3. OceanRanch

    anyone knows a module for identity card?

  4. OceanRanch

    Verfiy Credit Card

    The standard cc.php does not interface to any payment processor outside of your site. It only checks the numbers on the CC for "sanity". Tom
  5. OceanRanch

    Setting Weight of items

    Set packaging weight admin->configuration->shipping/packaging->pacjkage tare weight to 4 oz (1/4 lb) by entering .25 You can also enter maximum package weight there as well. You can do the math on the oz for the DVD and VHS to come up with .xx for those and enter those in the product's weight. You still may come up a little short or over on the quote returned by USPS. You'll just need to keep this in mind. HTH Tom
  6. OceanRanch

    Verfiy Credit Card

    Altering the last digit will probably result in an invalid credit card number. As I said there is an algorithm that is used to validate a correct number (not a real credit card). Tom
  7. OceanRanch

    Verfiy Credit Card

    The standard cc.php credit card module does a sanity check (checks the first x numbers) of the card to make sure its a valid card type and also performs a standard "calculation" on all of the digits to verify that it is a "valid" number. The check is only numeric and does not mean that the card is "valid". Only when you run it by your credit card payment provider will it determine if it is a real/valid CC. HTH Tom
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    Order Editor problem

    Here's a thread that might help http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=99718 HTH Tom
  9. OceanRanch

    Order Editor problem

    Did you make the changes in the database per the contribution instructions and/or run the .sql file into phpmyadmin to update the database table (orders_status_history)? Tom
  10. OceanRanch

    Free Items

    You will need to have the ability to run SQL commands against your mysql database. This is normally done via the phpmyadmin program. Most control panels provided by ISP/Hosts will have this already setup for you. Run phpmyadmin and go to the SQL tab for the osCommerce database. Then using the "browse" feature find the .sql file (downloads_controller.sql_ that you want to run and then click "go" (or whatever). This will add the appropriate database entries for the contribution. Then follow the remaining instructions in the readme carefully and go to the forum where ther is a a very active thread on support of this contribution. HTH Tom
  11. OceanRanch

    Product Attributes Price Update

    If I were you I'd back out the contrib, and just change the query to add the sort by name as I had indicated. Keep it simple. Unless you want to dig and try to "sort" the problem with the contrib. Tom
  12. OceanRanch

    Product Attributes Price Update

    What contribution are you installing. If its the "must select" contribution, then it only modifies standard oscommerce files. I'm not familar with html_title.php unless it to is from a contrib like STS or BTS. Tom
  13. OceanRanch

    Product Attributes Price Update

    See my post#9 in the following thread. You might also want to consider installing the "Must select" contribution code referencd in this thread. It will insure that your customer selects one of the options rather than just taking the default. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=132800&hl= HTH Tom
  14. OceanRanch

    Product Attributes Price Update

    Product - Button Down Classic Shirt (price $25.00) Product Options (add 3 via product attributes) Small +0 (product price will be 25) Medium +1.99 (product price will update and be 26.99) Large +2.99 (product price will update and be 27.99) Of course you will need to create different "sets" of attributes for other shirts unless they also have the same price differential then just reuse thos on another shirt. There are other issues regarding sorting of the attributes (there is no sort in the standard out of the box code), so the drop downs will be random unless you add a sort by name in the query. If you need this I can give it to you. Or you can install the sort contribution. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1690 HTH Tom
  15. OceanRanch

    Product Attributes Price Update

    Maybe I'm missing something here in your question. Can't you just add via the standard product administration area an "attribute" called size and set the price accordingly for each of the shirts? Tom
  16. OceanRanch

    Credit Card module proccessing

    The standard osCommerce "Credit Card" module allows for the features I quoted above. It can be enabled and edited for these features in Administration->Modules->Payment Modules->Credit Card In the edit area you will find a text box for "Split Credit Card E-Mail Address" where you enter your email address to receive the middle digits of the credit card. HTH Tom
  17. OceanRanch

    Free Items

    http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,994 Tom
  18. OceanRanch

    Credit Card module proccessing

    Set "admin->configuration->my store->Send extra order emails to" your email address and you will receive an email when an order is placed. You then logon to the admin functions of oscommerce to view orders placed. The credit card infomation can be captured and "partially stored in the database and viewed via admin and the "hidden middle portion" of the credit card would be included in your email. You set this all up in your admin panel under payment processor "credit card". HTH Tom
  19. OceanRanch

    USPS Shipping Module

    Not sure but you might need a contribution for USPS International.... I think this one provides that feature. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,487 Tom
  20. OceanRanch


    Most (if not all) from the admin->configuration->shipping/packaging->postal code. HTH Tom
  21. OceanRanch

    USPS Shipping Module

    Assuming you have set up everything with USPS, ......The final step involves calling 800-344-7779 to have them "enable" or move your account to their production server. HTH Tom
  22. OceanRanch

    USPS Shipping Calculations Incorrect

    The standard catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php has the USPS quotes in the following order. I don't believe it sorts them after the quote. You could change them around to suit your preferences. In admin->configuration->shipping/packaging set the "Package Tare Weight" (i.e. weight of boxes and wrapping etc.). Your's is probably set to .1 HTH Tom
  23. Check admin->configuration->shipping/configuration and set "Maximum Package weight" to a non blank non zero number. Tom
  24. OceanRanch

    Please HELP

    Bumping your post is not allowed per forum rules. It's not fair to others. Check your Postal/Zip under admin->configuration->shipping and set it to your store zip code. HTH Tom
  25. OceanRanch

    USPS mod doesn't work =(

    If your getting "quotes" from USPS now, then you are good to go. If you still have connection issues, then give them a call. HTH Tom