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    Incorrect Shipping weight ?

    Check your packaging weight that gets added to the product weight. Admin->Configuration->Shipping/Packaging->Tare Weight It's probably set to 3, make it whatever you need. HTH Tom
  2. OceanRanch


    Looks like you did not completly restore ALL of the programs changed via the contribution. Some code in admin is still trying to add 7 columns(fields) into the oscommerce standard 6 column table product_attributes. Hopefully you made backups of the files before you made the changes and can restore ALL of your changed files. HTH Tom
  3. OceanRanch

    UPS & USPS error w/fresh install

    The ups.php and usps.php files may be corrupt. Try viewing those and/or downloading a fresh copy of those files to see if that might be the cause. Tom
  4. OceanRanch

    UPS & USPS error w/fresh install

    oops didn't ssee that you already check the error log.... More information can be found regarding the error in your apache error log. If you don't know where it is or don't have access to it, check with your host provider for additional info that may help on the 500 error. Something more serious than a configuration or parse error is causing the script failure. HTH Tom
  5. OceanRanch


    Just a shot here.... Did you set administration->Configuration->My Store->Send Extra Order Emails to your email address? HTH Tom
  6. OceanRanch

    USPS Module Not Working

    Two things to check. Make sure you have a valid zip/postal code setup in your admin/shipping and packaging page. Then call USPS at 800-344-7779 and tell them you need to be moved to the production server. And of course setup oscommerce to "production" as well. HTH Tom
  7. OceanRanch

    UPS Xml

    Sure looks like you you missed the step that "defines" the TABLE_PACKAGING table name. Re-check the installation instructions for what to place in your catalog/includes/database_tables.php HTH Tom
  8. OceanRanch

    Change (Best Way) to somthing else

    Change catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/table.php HTH Tom
  9. OceanRanch

    Option Type Feature Error

    catalog/checkout_process.php Tom
  10. OceanRanch

    Shipping Weights

    pounds and fractions of pounds (1.50) Tom
  11. OceanRanch

    Purchase Orders 1.4.1

    Oops, I see the problem. Your talking about a new field in the PO contribution not the order number. Oh well sorry bout that........ It shouldn't be to difficult for someone familar with the contrib to replace the order_id number with the PO number. I'll go away now..... :-( Tom
  12. OceanRanch

    Purchase Orders 1.4.1

    The contribution actually changes the subject line of the email sent from the site when an order is generated. Asumming you have included yourself via the admin->my store->send extra email facility you will get the email. ************ from the contrib summary We're also going to change the email subject for the initial email that gets sent to the customer when they place an order. We'll change it from: Order Status to: The Great Space Coaster Store Order 1234 has been received. ************** HTH Tom
  13. OceanRanch

    Purchase Orders 1.4.1

    This contribution should do you nicely. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2947 HTH Tom
  14. OceanRanch

    quick Commerce

    Hi John, On a "loaded" forum I had seen it discussed but with no canned contrib. It appears from some of those threads that the standard authorize.net payment api may work with it but both authorize.net and QuickCommerce can't run simultaneously. So, for Scott, a little custom programming may be required. Tom
  15. OceanRanch

    USPS Shipping Error

    Did you call USPS at 800-344-7779 to have them move you to the production server. I also assume your zip/postal code is setup in admin->shipping...... HTH Tom
  16. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint & STS

    Outstanding to hear that you are up and running and probably in the top 10% of your class in speed of getting it working.... :-). Have Fun, Tom
  17. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint & STS

    Well at least you know you can connect from your server. Now go back into to contrib/admin and triple check ALL the values for your store and path to the pem files. I don't have your linkpoint files as mine are from back in 2003 and highly modified to perform recurring billing etc. You might want to try replacing the contribution lphp.php with the one that you got working. However the code that calls it may be expecting different input/output from the various function api's. That's where your buddy that wrote the contrib would come in handy. Anywho, don't feel to bad, you are making progress. It only took a week on my end back in 2003 and you have only 1.5 days under your belt. Tom
  18. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint & STS

    Well, its clearly not connecting with linkpoint. I'm running out of ideas - I sure hope your host has truely opened 1129 on both http AND https servers...... Running the web form (.html) rather than command line will not always show system related messages. If you can, try running from the shell to see any other system messages. Did you copy the pem file to the script file location? Contact linkpoint support and get a fresh pem file. Copying/pasting from notepad may be an issue. Try ftp'ing the pem file. linkpoint support also will show you how to at least test the connection from your host to them (I think they did with ssh). Tom
  19. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint & STS

    It's the normal path not the web path. You may be able to just copy your 123456.pem file to the location where the scripts are and then use (as the script has already in place) "./123456.pem". Of course change the 123456 to your store number. Tom
  20. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint & STS

    You need to edit the top of the file and place YOUR xxxxx.pem file and YOUR store number etc. (Probably a full path may be required for the .pem file) And as you can see you got a NULL response back from linkpoint. Status: < Error: < HTH Tom ps: Also, running it from your browser may not show other error messages from curl etc. If you can get to shell/ssh and run it you'll see those messages as well.
  21. OceanRanch

    Help with USPS module

    Did you set admin->configuration->shipping/packaging->Postal Code to your store zip/postal code? What message are you getting? Tom
  22. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint & STS

    Do yourself a big favor. Run the verbose debug transaction php files from linkpoint. You are searching for the answer in the dark. Eventually you might find it, but with their programs at least you see where things stop start etc and be able to pin point problems quickly. IMHO - Good Luck Tom
  23. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint & STS

    I don't know for sure, but sending credit card info over the internet without SSL is not a very good idea. I also think linkpoint returns its URL coded https, so that may be why you get a NULL curl repsonse if you do not have SSL. Tom
  24. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint & STS

    Linkpoint gateway works for many of us. It's just that it seems that it's a bit more troublesome for some than others. Make sure that your PEM file was correctly installed. Also, there are command line "test" programs provided in the php wrapper code that linkpoint gives you or that you download from their support site. These test programs have a setting of "verbose" debug and display all the messages to/from your server to the linkpoint server. Running a test transaction thru those will definetly show what's going on including if Curl was mis-configured. The author of the most recent linkpoint contribution has also (as I recall) volunteered to assist anyone that might be having difficulties. Check the most recent contrib. HTH Tom
  25. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint & STS

    Have you configured your PEM file that you should have received from linkpoint? Do you have port 1129 open with your host provider (firewall issue?) ? The cannot execute curl is a bogus error message that really just means it returned a NULL response. HTH Tom