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    OS Commerce + downloads controller + paypal ?

    Install the following contributions and review the associated support threads and you'll do just fine. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2679 http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,994 HTH Tom
  2. OceanRanch

    Free shipping module

    Look in the contribution section for others as well. This one allows you to set the shipping on each item. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1333 HTH Tom
  3. OceanRanch

    SQL Error - Wishlist 2.4

    Since there are zero entries in the wishlist table the "limit" in split_page_results goes negative. New version of mysql does not like negative limits. Fix is here. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/bugs,1605 HTH Tom
  4. OceanRanch

    Shipping rate per product problem

    Change admin->configuration->shipping/packaging->Enter the maximum package weight you will ship.... to a non-zero number. HTH Tom
  5. OceanRanch

    paypal_ipn url?

    Hey Brian, Thanks for the clarification. I did not read your first comment about the module sending the URL..... (can't see the forest thru the trees). I was also thinking about the Auto-return feature in Paypal where I believe you do have to supply an URL. Thanks again.... Tom
  6. OceanRanch

    paypal_ipn url?

    http://www.yourdomain.com/catalog/checkout_success.php HTH Tom
  7. OceanRanch

    Orders Emailed to Store Owner

    You missed the point regarding John's point of using split cc in the admin. A portion of the credit card numbers is stored in the database and the remaining portion is sent to you via email. The entire cc number is never in an email. You then put the tow pieces together for manual processing via your merchant account. HTH Tom
  8. I saw in a google search that someone pointed out that the contribution would only work on a clean MS2.2. version of osc. These posts were from the folks at CRE - a loaded site. Sorry but you'll probably need to go there to sort out the install on a cre modified version. HTH Tom
  9. OceanRanch

    Order SQL

    A known problem with new versions of mysql. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/bugs,1605 Make changes to both split_pages_results.php (admin and catalog) HTH Tom
  10. OceanRanch

    Electronic Download help

    Check this thread for a few gotcha's. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=135941&st=0 Then report back. If all else fails AND you really have followed all the hints and tricks, PM me with passwords to admin and ftp and I'll take a look. HTH Tom
  11. OceanRanch

    Easy Populate Error

    I believe you have to set (name and set path) your temp directory in easypopulate.php. Did you do that? Maybe something like...... $tempdir = "/temp/"; HTH Tom
  12. OceanRanch

    Invoice 1.1 installation issue

    Hi Fred, Contributions can store information in your "configuration" table so that they can retrieve things like "Send mail using HTML" and whether its true or false. These values are stored with a contribution configuration_id number that is normally defined by the contribution. Numbers are not assigned because there are literally thousands of contributions and duplicate numbers can cause problems. Using the phpmyadmin tool you can browse the configuration table and determine if a configuration_id is in use by another contribution. Pick a number that is not there and use it the sql command that failed to properly insert the option in your database. If you don't know how to use phpmyadmin, go to the phpmyadmin web site and take a short tutorial on it features and how to use. If that's too complex, then maybe you should consider sticking with the basic oscommerce store with no contributions, or hire a programmer to help you thru the more complex issues. Or continue posting and trudging thru all this stuff and learn alot like most everyone here on the forum. HTH Tom
  13. OceanRanch

    Invoice 1.1 installation issue

    Looks like you did not include a configuration_id. VALUES ( '', 'Email Invoice to Customer', 'EMAIL_INVOICE', 'true', 'If this flag is enabled, the HTML invoice of the order will be sent to the customer.', '12', '0', NULL , NOW( ) , '', '' ) should be VALUES ( '999', 'Email Invoice to Customer', 'EMAIL_INVOICE', 'true', 'If this flag is enabled, the HTML invoice of the order will be sent to the customer.', '12', '0', NULL , NOW( ) , '', '' ) The 999 or whatever the contribution readme file suggests. If not, then you'll need to find out via phpmyadmin in the configuration table which id you could use. HTH Tom
  14. OceanRanch

    Invoice 1.1 installation issue

    Sounds like the ei_sql.sql file either has a bug in it, or your version got corrupted when you unzipped it. Post the ei_sql.sql file for folks to look at or if you see the error on line 3 fix it, or try re-downloading and unzipping locally, then ftp to your site. Sometimes end-of-line characters can be a pain..... HTH Tom
  15. OceanRanch

    fatal error

    It is the function declaration for tep_db_connect. Tom
  16. OceanRanch

    fatal error

    Neither of those 2 files are the problem. It's some other file that calls application_top which in turn calls database.php which in turn on line 13 defines the function (which is duplicated when called the second time). You will have to find out what file (perhaps a language file etc.) that you placed in the wrong folder that is causing the duplication. Tom
  17. OceanRanch

    Paypal IPN return URL?

    I'm not currently using Paypal/IPN but I'm like 99% sure that the return URL should be, http:www.yourwebsite.com/catalog/checkout_success.php HTH Tom
  18. OceanRanch

    fatal error

    This error is normally caused by application_top.php being called twice because of a misplaced file. See the following knowledgebase article. http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/Catalog_Guid...on_Problems/198 HTH Tom
  19. OceanRanch

    USPS Calculation Error

    So you actually called them? Tom
  20. OceanRanch

    USPS Calculation Error

    Double check that your postal/zip code is correct in the admin area. Then you must call USPS 800-344-7779 and have them move you to the production server. HTH Tom
  21. OceanRanch


    Use the following osc contribution. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3010 Get with linkpoint central on the special key files needed to access your account with linkpoint. Make sure your host has port 1129 open on their gateway. The contribution also lists a few other required host requirements (SSL with Curl included etc. )Check on the many threads here in the forum for any details and answers to a lot questions that you might have. HTH Tom
  22. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint PWA and curl

    Some things to consider. The "curl not executed" error actually means that the response back from linkpoint was a null value. Your curl is ok its the process sending data to Linkpoint that has something "missing". Since Linkpoint works when PWA is not installed, there must be a customer field that is not being populated in PWA that Linkpoint really wants to have. When the transaction with the missing field is processed on Linkpoint, Linkpoint is just ignoring the transaction and not replying back. Try loging into to your Linkpoint Central account and look at the transaction log to see if you can find the missing field or reason that the transaction is ignored. The next step would be to debug and print out (log or whatever) the actual post variables being sent to Linkpoint with and withour PWA to isolate what is missing. HTH Tom
  23. OceanRanch

    Linkpoint / Cardservice

    Apply the following http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce_D...mon_Problems/15 to /home2/public_html/store/includes/application_top.php HTH Tom
  24. OceanRanch

    Download Controller won't download

    admin->localization->Orders Status
  25. OceanRanch

    shipping weight calculation

    1.5 is fine, and it could represent 1.5 lbs or 1.5 kg. HTH Tom