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  1. I FEEL SO STUPID! I AM SO SORRY FOR BOTHERING EVERYBODY! I have Register Globals disabled, and I didn't think to search for that. I found this code: // fix by jb 20040815 set the strings to http post/request, since they don't seem to work on the new server, with register globals=off... $dltype=$_REQUEST['dltype']; $download=$_REQUEST['download']; global $HTTP_POST_FILES; foreach( $HTTP_POST_FILES as $varname => $fileinfo ){ $GLOBALS[$varname] = $fileinfo["tmp_name"]; $GLOBALS[$varname.'_name'] = $fileinfo["name"]; } // end fix jb and inserted it, and volia! EVERYTHING works now! Hope I may have helped somebody in my rambling.
  2. I have what may seem like an easy problem to fix to others, but I can't figure it out at all... It's probably something small and stupid, so I'm sorry if I sound novice. I've gone through all the instructions three times, read through the manual probably six times... with no luck. I have the menu in my admin panel. The link works. I ran the SQL command against my database (no errors) All the files were uploaded correctly (more than once just in case) When I click a link (any link) in the easypopulate.php.... nothing happens. I can see the statusbar moving, but that's it. The page returns to the original page, no errors, no files, no nothing. It's like nothing happened at all. Any ideas? :(