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  1. ffff

    No access to admin folder

    OMG! F...CK I restore the files from backup and now it works ARGH I work half a day to fix the problem and it's so easy
  2. ffff

    No access to admin folder

    Hello OK, my english is not the best. And maybe I say it with the wrong words: No files from the domains was deleted. Only files with the uninstall progress oft gpg (? I think it was the time the problems begin) All files of oscommerce are there. The orders.php?language=de was just an example (because it's my bookmark). All other files in admin did not work but still there and with the old file permissions. I did not change anything. I did not find an error-log. Only system logs and there was only the useless " 500 GET /admin/orders.php?language=de HTTP/1.0 " error
  3. Hello I make a mistake and did not know what. I remove a program. Maybe it was "apt-get remove gnupg". during the process there was some files to auto-delete. I say Yes and did not know what files now. After it (as I think so) all hosted domains did not work anymore. Only blank pages. I run it on a Plesk-system (no web-login possible after remarking the problem). So I run some reinstall routines from Plesk and after it all works fine. Only not the shop system osCommerce 2.2-MS2. It shows the shop well but I can not access to any admin page. I reinstall a backup of the server config but it did not help. A html file in the admin folder will be shown by the browser (tried more than one). Only the PHP files not. In the log file is only one entry each try: I try some things with .htaccess but it did not help. Now I am desperated and hop you can help me. Thank you.
  4. ffff

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hello I have a problem too :- The ot_subtotal is every time a integer. If there is a double value with decimal value in "Gesamt" there will be shown only a integer value without decimal values in Subtotal ("Zwischensumme"). On which point the ot_subtotal will be calculated? Thanks.
  5. During installation: what is the correct value for "Cancelation Return Page" and "Success Return Page" I receive "The order is not valid. Detail: Invalid Cart XML: The content of field CancelUrl is not valid." from Amazon during checkout as customer. There is no entry in the Amazon error report :( Can anyone help me, please?
  6. ffff

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Bug report If I change the price of a product (brutto) to a negative value (refund), there will be shown no tax and the netto price is the same as brutto in the total view.