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  1. e-me. I have a configure.php I need help with

    dc600732 at yahoo dot com

  2. killerbambam

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Nevermind. Remembered i had to stick the files for the languages in the /english/ folder not /English/
  3. killerbambam

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Everything works fine customer side but in the admin side everytime i click any of the custom computer links page goes blank. Any ideas?
  4. killerbambam

    How to Download / Install Contributions?

    Go into the addon u want and then click this button on the right
  5. killerbambam

    template/css ideas?

    I am running the beta and customizing the temp to how i want it. Its very easy. Rather then having 1 style sheet ive just stuck the css for that part of a template in the php file itself as its easier to find it. Il post the site when ive done.
  6. killerbambam

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    well i fixed the price update thing but i still cannot get it to check out right. and it keeps duplicating the orders in mysql (adding them for some reason as products.
  7. killerbambam

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    yeah i have same problem. But when they select item in dropdown nothing happens. do it again you see price under it which you click and tehn you have to do it again and price updates but when you checkout it dosnt. it looks like this 1 x Monitors ?0.00 1 x Amd Xp 3500 ?0.00 Help appreciated.
  8. killerbambam


    Hey its a good mod but i cant find a solution to this prob i have. Its pretty simple so sorry if it sounds lame. When people check product out they cant use there points ie there is nothing there to allow them to. How do i fix this?