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  1. jackfolla38

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    also if i m not a php expert i find the problem...for some reason now the sql db now do not updates manufacturer id into product table of the db...as i have modified the value to the correct manufacturer id (was set to 0) the manufacturer box restart to works correctly, it is a little boring to modify this for each product i ll add in future but better something that works correctly without code modifies that could create problems... thanks anyway for this contribute that resolve me the problem of vendors sales stats.
  2. jackfolla38

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    i have installed and works but seems noone have seen that now on admin panel under manufacturers if you select one manufacturers product listed are now set to 0 but i have 5 product of that manufacturer...also on the catalog the manufacturers box selected give as result= there are not product listed...but i have 5 product listed...also adding products from the panel the product manufacturer is disappeared and remain only the supplier. now i have only 2 manufacturers working correctly and 2 others dont show product listed selecting them into manufacturers box...while if i choice the categories they are present. it is possible have back the manufacturer product choice into add new product in the admin panel? or i have to live only with the supplier product. i have checked and the choice product manufacturer is disappeared when i have installed the supplier..in another store i have not installed the supplier contribute, manufacturer is still present and works correctly.