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  1. Hi there...I feel your pain...believe me and that is why I am happy to announce that after 3 weeks of sweat, cussing, and lots of tears :-" I finally am able to import and export my products with no problem...and see them in my store. I didn't use easy populate because it was too much of a headache literally I used the wonderful contribution from the dedicated and smart people at this link....try it..if it doesn't work you can always restore your backup...





    Thank you!!!

    An Excellent reply (not to long, information is what I need!)

    If I don,t find the problem with EP soon I'll have no choice but to give up and go with plan B.

    Thank you again :thumbsup:

  2. Hi Folks


    I am having a problem that I cant see ans in forum: I have uploaded everything as per instructions and everything seems to work ie: i can download a txt file modify it etc then upload again with no errors reported but when I go to shop nothing has changed, I've tried doing things via the temp dir but with the same result.

    Prob something stupid on my part I know but hey,

    Any ideas would be gratfully recieved pls!

    Thanks in advance :rolleyes: