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  1. I'm hoping someone can help with a problem with my store. When someone places an order, and is sent through to Paypal for payment, the stock is reduced. This has led to a problem with people who then abandon the cart, as no sale has been made, yet the stock has been reduced. Consequantly I am forever manually updating the stock levels. Is there a way whereby I can ensure the stock is only changed once payment has been made? Many thanks in advance Ben
  2. I installed the above contribution fine, but the layout is not how I would like it. Does anyone know how i can change the layout, I need to :- Create a gap between the lines Make the address fill the label (not like currently squashed up in the top!) Make the Town and County appear on separate lines Below is the code that i think is controlling this, but i can't see how to change the layout. Any help much appreciated! $postcode = tep_output_string_protected($address['postcode']); $zip = $postcode; $line1= "$firstname $lastname"; $line2= "$company"; $line3="$street"; $line4="$city" . ', ' . "$state "; $line5="$zip"; $line6="$country"; define('FPDF_FONTPATH','font/'); require('fpdf.php'); $pdf=new FPDF('L','mm',array(54, 101)); $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->SetXY('5', '3'); $pdf->SetMargins('0','0','0'); $pdf->SetFont('Arial','Bi',15); $pdf->Cell(40,4,'',0,1); $pdf->SetX('15'); $pdf->Cell(0,4,'Ship to:-',0,1); $pdf->SetX(15); $pdf->SetFont('Arial','',12); $pdf->SetX(15); $pdf->SetFont('Arial','',15); $pdf->Cell(40,4,"$line1",0,4); if($line2 != ''){ $pdf->Cell(40,4,"$line2",0,2); } $pdf->Cell(40,4,"$line3",0,2); $pdf->Cell(40,4,"$line4",0,2); if($line5 != 'United States'){ $pdf->Cell(40,4,"$line5",0,2); //$pdf->Cell(40,4,"$line6",0,2);
  3. I installed the customer export contribution, but would like to add more information in. For example I have the "where did you hear about us?" contribution, so would like this info attached to the customer downloaded info as well. My coding knowledge is slim to non-existent, if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful! Thanks Ben
  4. gillamb

    Removing weight text

    Hi, I've installed a zones contribution, and while ideally i'd like to base shipping on value purchased this doesn't seem an option, so I have based it on weight (not an issue as my items all weight roughly the same anyway). I would like though to have the text say just "Postage and Packing" or something similar, rather than make reference to zones and weights which the customer does not need to know and just looks odd. Many thanks for any help. Ben
  5. Hi, Showmyip.com appears to be down. Does anyone know if this is permanent or a temporary glitch. Thanks Ben
  6. gillamb

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    Brilliant - it now works, but there is a small typo in your script. In the 2nd chunk of code if (SHOW_PRODUCT_SPECIALS_ON_CATALOG='true') { should read if (SHOW_PRODUCT_SPECIALS_ON_CATALOG=='true') { Thanks!
  7. gillamb

    [Contribution] Specials_Module

    hi, firstly thanks for a great contribution! I've installed it, and it all works fine, except now i want to disable the box on the index/main page. I've tried turning this off via the admin section, but it refuses to go. I can turn it on and off at will for products info pages and the other locations, but for some reason now i can't shift it from the front page! Any ideas?
  8. Brilliant, that works perfectly now, thanks Jack.
  9. Hi, i tried the above - but it removed images for where there was an image available, and left blank boxes for links where there is no image available. Sadly my code knowledge is very poor, it obviosuly only needs a small tweak to make it not show links where there is no image, can anyone do this? Thanks in advance Ben
  10. Hi, I desperately hope someone can help! I've installed everything ok, but now need to configure it to my liking, but I'm having trouble! I have some links with no images, but still get an empty box showing - how do i get the image to show only if there is something there?! My links page Thanks for any help Ben
  11. Thanks, but i have tried all your suggestions, including having them placed vertically but to no avail, whatever information is there, the page still seems to get an extra amount of width that looks odd. Any other suggestions?
  12. hi, firstly thanks for a great contribution! I have a fixed width site, however, for some reason, the links page seems not to fit my site! This is what it looks like Would anyone know how to fix this? Many thanks
  13. Hi, Don't know if anyone can help, but here is my issue. After a customer has made a purchase using PWA, a confirmation email is sent, with a link to the invoice. If the customer wants to look at the invoice, say the next day, they click on the link but are redirected to the login page of the site, but as they had not created an account, they can not login, so can't see a copy invoice. Is this fixable?