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  1. slowmove

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Hi, If you don't already found it... Here is how I did mine at line #676 in pdfinvoice.php. Warped around $order->totals[$i]['text'] with strip_tags() Old : $pdf->MultiCell(94,6,$order->totals[$i]['title'] . ' ' . $order->totals[$i]['text'],0,'R'); New : $pdf->MultiCell(94,6,$order->totals[$i]['title'] . ' ' . strip_tags($order->totals[$i]['text']),0,'R'); Hope it helps
  2. slowmove

    setting up Authorize.net help needed

    After signing up with Authorize.net and went thru the first time initialization setup. You will have to login again to create the ?Transaction Key? since they are not the same as your password. After login, go to ?settings and profile? then ?Obtain Transaction Key?, to create the Key. Hope it help