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    Authorize.net issue (Help)

    I have the login and trans key in and all seems fine. I get to the screen to confirm the order and it goes to the right screen but I get an error. This is the error I get and what Authorize.net states about the error. Can some one please help me out. I need to get this working soon. Also I am still in test mode just to make sure all is 100%. Which so far it is not. :( Error: The following errors have occurred. (99) This transaction cannot be accepted. They state this in there FAQ on error code 99: Applicable only to SIM API.The server-generated fingerprint does not match the merchant-specified fingerprint in the x_fp_hash field. How do I fix this?
  2. tim_ver

    Packing fee added??

    I have looked but with no luck for a mod that will let me add a set ammount to each order for packing. Is there a mod for this, or is there a way to add this in or acomplish this? Thanks
  3. tim_ver

    Packing fee added??

    Ok I have not seen this in the UPS shipping area. Do you know where this is? Anyone? Thanks
  4. tim_ver

    Authorize.net Relay Response URL

    What is the Relay Response URL I would use for authorize.net? It ask for this in the settings page on their website. Please let me know. Thanks :)
  5. tim_ver

    SIM and Authorize.net

    Ever get this fixed?
  6. tim_ver

    AuthorizeNet SIM Method

    I would like to know this as well. I do not even see any changes in the admin area after installing the SIM mod. Irin: After adding new code and uploading new files, what do you need to do next so that it takes them to authorize.net for entering their credit card info and such? Right now it just stays on my site which has no ssl. :( Thanks
  7. tim_ver

    Authorize.net mod location

    Is there a mod for the SIM gateway for Authorize.net. I need to find one that will work with the newest release of Oscommerce. Can someone please help me out. I only have the one that works with AIM. I need this fast please. If someone has it or knows of a place I can get it please let me know. Thanks much. :)
  8. I need to get a SIM mod for Authorize.net. I have an account setup with them now and they will take care of processing the order and the SSL cert. I just need to pass the total and info to them. Then the customers enters the cc number and the process it and take them to my order done page. I have seen something like this on sites that use 2CO, when you go to pay after selecting ship method it takes you to a new page has companies name "i.e yours" and the total you enter cc info here and pay. Please someone help me out on this SIM mod for Authorize.net Thanks
  9. tim_ver

    Authorize.net issue

    I checked that out and you need to have a module for oscommerce to have the settings to use the SIM, The one now is for a AIM account only. I do not need a ssl cert for the SIM a.net takes care of all of it. When you check out it takes you to a.nets area which has the ssl and that is where you enter the cc info. then after it is done processing it it takes the customer back to your site for the thank you page. There is a mod now in mod area but it does not look like it was tested on the latest release of Oscommerce. Can you look at it and verify if it will work please. Thanks Mod link : http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...earch,authorize
  10. tim_ver

    Authorize.net issue

    I am trying to use the Authorize.net payment method, but I have a sim account and the one the comes with standard install is for an AIM account. Sim = Account where all secure data is done on authorize.net site for check out and the sent back to us when done. AIM= We take care of the ssl and creditcard processing on our website. I see one for Oscommerce pre ms1 version, but I am on the newest release now. Please someone help soon. Thanks
  11. tim_ver

    UPS Shipping

    We want to use our account we have with UPS for shipping items. I looked and did not see anything in the contributions that will do this. Does one exsits and I missed it? Or is it possible at all? I wanted to have it so it would use our account for rates and fees, like auto net just typr in account number,ect and it runs and updates. Thanks
  12. tim_ver

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Adding a login and password for admin page.
  13. tim_ver


    I figured it out. Are all the updates posted with dates before the latest realease of os cart in the latest realease or do the still need to be added?
  14. tim_ver


    This is I am sure an easy one but for some reason not for me. Can someone point me to the download area for the addon modules please "Link". Thanks :)