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  1. tim_ver

    Header Tags SEO

    Anyone install and confirm if Header Tags SEO V 3.0 works on Oscommerce version
  2. Harald, Thank you for taking the time to help me with this issue and getting it resolved. It is very appriciated!
  3. I only use Authorize.net for payment. So you would have to go throught creating and account, and a full check out to see the results page display. I did since try it on my phone also with Firefox version 23.0 worked fine. But then updated it to version 29.0.1 and got the same display of messed up text. Also tried Chrome versions 31.0.1650.59 and 35.0.1916.138 and both did not work on the phone.
  4. I have OScommerce version and I am using Authorize.net (SIM) for payment method. The issue I have is after I enter the card for payment, it works fine but when it takes me back to the Success page "Your Order Has Been Processed!". All the info on the page is all messed up. Everything is on the far left of the page and not properly formated. Here is some of what it shows on the reciept page, all text is left justified: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Shipping & Returns My Account Log off Search: Home New Featured Top sellers Specials Brands Reviews Contacts Now in your cart 0 items Shopping Cart: "Image of LOGO IS here" Top » Catalog » Checkout » Success Your Order Has Been Processed! Your order has been successfully processed! Your products will arrive at their destination within 2-5 working days. checkout_success Please notify me of updates to the products I have selected below: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a screen shot - The Version of Authorize.net SIM is 1.0 / API Version 3.1. Installed with Oscommerce default install no add on. How do I fix this isssue? Thanks
  5. tim_ver

    Authorize SIM formatting issue after sale

    I have the same issue now. The landing page "Your Order has been processed" works on some browsers and displays fine, and on others it is all to the ledt and messed up in formating. I am on Version Anyone have an update on this and a fix, as the checkout_process.php file is newer and dose not have the line of code above in it. The new code for version is: <?php /* $Id$ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright © 2002 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ define('EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT', 'Order Process'); define('EMAIL_TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER', 'Order Number:'); define('EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL', 'Detailed Invoice:'); define('EMAIL_TEXT_DATE_ORDERED', 'Date Ordered:'); define('EMAIL_TEXT_PRODUCTS', 'Products'); define('EMAIL_TEXT_SUBTOTAL', 'Sub-Total:'); define('EMAIL_TEXT_TAX', 'Tax: '); define('EMAIL_TEXT_SHIPPING', 'Shipping: '); define('EMAIL_TEXT_TOTAL', 'Total: '); define('EMAIL_TEXT_DELIVERY_ADDRESS', 'Delivery Address'); define('EMAIL_TEXT_BILLING_ADDRESS', 'Billing Address'); define('EMAIL_TEXT_PAYMENT_METHOD', 'Payment Method'); define('EMAIL_SEPARATOR', '------------------------------------------------------'); define('TEXT_EMAIL_VIA', 'via'); ?>
  6. tim_ver

    Disable Manufactures

    I found this mod but it is for MS2 and not 2.3, can someone please take a look and update it so it works with version 2.3? http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/326
  7. I am looking for an addon to disable and enable a manufacture, and all products under it. Something like a red and green X in the admin panel. I have version 2.3 now running.
  8. tim_ver

    Shipping by Price Range

    Is this built in by default or an addon? If an addon can you please provide a link.
  9. tim_ver

    Shipping by Price Range

    I am looking for a add on that will allow me to change shipping by the order total, if a customer spends with-in a range, they get charged a flat shipping rate. See example below. $0.00 - $30.00 - $12.00 $30.00 - $55.00 - $9.00 $55.00 - $70.00 - $7.00 $70.00 - And up - $0.00 Free shipping
  10. tim_ver

    Products Description - Add on

    Ok, I did get it to work but one item is when you click image a box pops up and in the preview part it has a bunch of foriegn laguage text. Why is this how do I fix this issue?
  11. tim_ver

    Products Description - Add on

    joli1811 I did what you listed out and it is not showing up in the Admin panel. Ideas? It is only displying this for modules - Payment Action Recorder Header Tags Dashboard Boxes Social Bookmarks Order Total Shipping
  12. tim_ver

    Products Description - Add on

    Ok, thanks. I need the full as I need to add images in also
  13. tim_ver

    Products Description - Add on

    Ok, I do see this so I should use the Install zip uploaded - 21 Dec 2010 and then apply the three updates after this
  14. I wanted to know if there is an addon that will do some or all of the items listed below. This is for the Products Description area in admin panel, right now it is just plain text and nothing else"ie: no way to edit font, color, add images, etc) Looking for something like a webpage editor built in. So I can be able to: 1.) Be able to change font size, color, font type, etc 2.) Be able to add bullet points 3.) Make text Bold, Italic, etc 4.) Add images in the view also Is there an add on like this out now?