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  1. OK, I got a few steps further... I now have an expiry date and max number of downloads showing! Yesterday I even had the download link there but when you clicked it the link went nowhere (well to a page not found). This morning I restored the database to a backup I did on Sunday, went through the same? steps I did yesterday... I can still get the expiry date and max number of downloads to show correctly but I have lost the link? If I ever find a way to get the link back what would stop the link working, the file is in the downloads folder (downloads folder is set to 777 pub folder set to 755) Paul
  2. I get the checkout success! page and the box appears with the filename that is to be downloaded, but NO link expiry is always current day and 0 downloads remaining? I have tried and tried... maybe I am looking to deep into something that is so simple! Paul
  3. Hi All, I have this mod loaded, but I have one small problem; after the final checkout the box for download does appear but there is NO link and the Expiry date is always the date of the day, also it always shows 0 downloads remaining. The Expiry date is set to 7 days and a max of 5 downloads. Any ideas where I have gone wrong? Thanks in advance
  4. navvi

    Canada Post Mod

    Thanks for that... I tried it several times and still no joy :( I have even deleted the whole installation and reloaded it in an attempt to get this working... If there are any other ideas....
  5. navvi

    Canada Post Mod

    I have just upgraded from 2.2ms1 to m2, I am adding back some of the mods that I had in the 'old' version... most are OK except the Canada Post 0.3 mod (which was a later mod I added insted of the original in ms1). It loads ok but when I go to test it it returns an error "Origin Postal Code is illegal" My post code is correct as is my server ID for Canada Post. I have even gone back to the 'old' store and made sure all the info was correct... it is! Ant idea's why it would return this error?