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  1. Never mind fixed the error. Not sure where I went wrong or I would post a fix. I just uploaded I backup version and started over. I will look into this if anyone has similar errors
  2. I have one problem. Everything works exept when I run a transaction to test declines it takes me back to the payment page and spits out the error properly, but if I try to change the card info from that point on it holds onto the old card info. ie. if I run a transaction as: Bob Dole 4222222222222 exp date cvv and when its gets declined as it should, when I get redirected back to the payment page if I enter new info as: G Bush 4007000000027 exp date cvv When I get to the confirmation page it still says Bob Dole and the declined card info. Seems like Confirmation Page is not dumping the globals or something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.