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  1. lonestarphd


    Looks like I may be able to get the info online from the census bureau for each zip code.
  2. lonestarphd


    Here's something for you hackers to figure out. For every customer in the database, I would like to add the latitude and longitude of their city and use Google Maps to show where all my customers are. I have sold all over the world on eBay (about 1500 customers) and want to map them on my soon-to-be osCommerce site. It would add legitimacy to the site.
  3. lonestarphd

    "Refer a Friend" Reward

    This is now on the back burner for me. I have other issues to deal with. But it is definitely something I will need to deal with before my site goes live.
  4. lonestarphd

    "Refer a Friend" Reward

    That's an interesting idea. I will have to play with it. But I get what he is doing. Whenever the referrer gets someone new, they are also sending something to the affiliate contribution. I will have to explore this to make sure it works properly. I also want to make sure it cannot be abused easily by two people giving each other discounts... which this looks like it may be susceptible to.
  5. lonestarphd

    SMF Forum integration to Oscommerce

    Reviving this thread. This is a great contribution. But it would be nice to share usernames and passwords. On SMF's site, someone said their developer said this was an easy task but wondered if it would violate the GPL. SMF said is was okay to do the modification but not to redistribute their software. Surely somebody here knows mySQL enough to sync the username and password between the two. Anyone up to the challenge? (Another thought is that you would want to direct all FORUM registrations to the OSC registration so that you don't get the two messed up.)
  6. lonestarphd

    "Refer a Friend" Reward

    Bummer. I have a friend who is a whiz at PHP and SQL. I'll see if he can figure it out. Basically it is an internal affiliates program. I want to spread word of mouth advertising.
  7. lonestarphd

    "Refer a Friend" Reward

    As users join my site, I want them to be able to "refer a Friend" and get a piece of that new customer's purchases for a period of time... maybe indefinitely. Being new to OSCommerce, but understanding HTML and PHP, I am hesitant to add modules for testing (very time consuming with all the backing up, etc). So, is the a contribution that will achieve this? It is kind of like the affiliate cotribution but would use the Refer a friend funtionality based on a logged in user. A finder's commission of sorts. I would want the payout to be a percentage of the new customers sale as credit in the store.