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    How long until v3 is ready?

    The reason I like osC so much is that updates have always been described as: in ....php change ... to ... and... as most of our carts are heavilly modified, this alows us to update the cart without having to redo all our own modifications. For that reason I dislike updating to V3 when it would finally launch, as most of my modifications are custom made, and not documented.
  2. just had to replace $_GET with $HTTP_GET_VARS now it works
  3. Hi, I have built myself a new page, that runs using the OSC includes, and such, yet offers functionality completely out of the OSC box. I have exported products from a local table to my webserver where I want to alow customers to search through these. all searching functionality is now working, ajax results are now identical to search results obtained while javascript is disabled. the only problem now is, that I can not use any search engine friendly urls on this page, wich would of course be preferred. so at this point I can still not make use of the tep_href_link function, couse that will return sef urls as used on the rest of the website. Could anyone give me a clue as to what could couse this to not function? If required I would not mind to PM the source to someone the page can be found here
  4. I now got it working for me, I can test it and in all cases I get a proper url stored. I have not yet seen any orders made, but I know that now works. I had to put the if (!$referer_url) { if ($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_REFERER']) { $referer_url = $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_REFERER']; session_register('referer_url'); } } a couple of times more in the aplication top. if .... session_start code elsif ... session_start code else .... session_start code now I always get the referer stored if present. I personaly removed the if ($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_REFERER']) {} signs so that if a referer is not present (opening from favorites, newsletter and so on) there is not a page from my own site stored instead. I do see online users without a referer a lot though, but I am unable to reproduce this behaviour. I can only reproduce this on a single page opened from my favorites or from a newsletter (outlook). ps. I am running on 2.2ms2 as well.
  5. I got that installed too, but it won't save me any $url at all. would also like to find the suport thread. I want to start the "banner" service.