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  1. BrianD

    Another Paypal Question!

    Thanks for that - that's what I thought. Im working on a site just now using Paypal as the sole Payment method (never done this before) so I want to make sure I get my info right. Thanks, BrianD
  2. BrianD

    Another Paypal Question!

    Just a quickie question - hopefully someone can help out ! I know that if a customer pay's using Paypal, I can set my store name to appear on the customers credit card statement, through the Payment Received Preferences page on Paypal. e.g Paypal*mystorename would appear. The question is - if a customer already has funds available, e.g. by selling on eBay, does the same apply, or will their purchase through my store not even show on their statements. Anyone know ? BrianD
  3. Wasn't this the reason for releasing MS1 ? To prevent the constant need to upgrade in the absence of a final release....
  4. BrianD

    Collapsible Menu Contribution

    It would be worth also having a look at http://www.dynamicdrive.com and http://www.dhtmlshock.com for more dynamic menus - of course, the downside to using a more dymanic menu could be that you would have to 'hard code' the menu - but once you've set up your categories, there shouldn't be much need to change them anyway.
  5. Hi Ian, The update you have made to GV clas are first class - great work! I've started a new store build, using MS1 and GV 5.03. All seems to be working great - although I haven't fully tested yet. I'm having some difficulty with Free Shipping though - I'm using the table rate for shipping (i want free shipping over ?x.xx in the store) but the gift voucher value is being included in the calculation... For example - setting table rate to give free shipping over ?30. Value of items in cart = ?29 - adds normal shipping cost.... Value of items in cart = ?29 + Gift Voucher(?10) is giving free shipping. Do I need to install Linda's FREE SHIPPER module? I can't seem to find this in the contributions area. Thanks in advance ....
  6. Check your syntax in application_top.php - make sure you haven't missed out any ; or ' or " also check that you have included <?php and ?> tags where required when you have been modifying existing code..... easily done when you' adding bits of code here and there You could also look at Ian Wilsons Loaded 5 version of OSC - this has the discount module and many others, pre installed. hth BrianD
  7. sorry - been really busy past couple of days :? should post it later today.... BrianD
  8. I wrote the origional contribution - the only thing that was missing was that the actual links were not in the correct OSCommerce format. I'll have a look at it today and post an updated contribution.
  9. You've got a missing language file - or perhaps a language file installed in the wrong directory. Brian
  10. BrianD

    ePDQ payment module v1

    I'm currently building a new site - that'll possibly use epdq. I completed one site and managed to build a module for it - but it required so many mods to the base code and was so messy, it would be impossible to release this as a module. The current module release is a goodplace to start - but it'll take a bit of additional programming to fully use all of epdq's features. Brian
  11. BrianD

    ePDQ payment module v1

    I've since found out, that my host doesn't have curl() installed .... I rewrote the script to use fopen() instead, and then, would you believe it, my host has a restriction on fopen() that prevents it from accessing files outwith the server..... I am now about to change hosts ! Re : inc files Have you ammended all the inc files on osc for your builds?
  12. BrianD

    ePDQ payment module v1

    Hi, I've been trying to get the ePDQ module up and running. I'm not sure about one of the files in the contribution package though - unitpost.inc_php I'm guessing that this is a typo and it should be called unitpost_inc.php Also, can you confirm if it should be in this directory .... catalog/includes/modules/payment/ Thanks
  13. BrianD

    Barclaycard epdq Payment Module ?

    Hi, I'm hoping to get a module up and running within the next week or so, and would be happy to make it available. Brian.
  14. Has anyone managed to build a module for the Barclaycard epdq payment service yet ? I'm hoping to use this for a new site - it looks like a better deal than Worldpay - same percentage rates, but more security as standard. Brian