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  1. I am using the UK version of this mod, but there is no "American Express" option in the combobox. Any ideas on how to get around this?
  2. Hi Terra, Just upgraded from v1.4 to your latest version (2.2), and wanted to say a big THANK YOU - it works perfectly! Order gets updated immediately when payment is made, emails are sent out, etc - all works nice! Thanks again for all the hard work PS - I seem to recall a comment about the UK county field not populating when being transferred from OsC to PayPal? Is this still a problem? I have managed to get mine working just fine; if you want my code, just let me know.
  3. Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up Alex.....
  4. He he, this is going round in circles. I fully understand that the order needs to be saved before sending customers off to PayPal. Whilst my knowledge of PHP is extremely limited, I still have not seen a conclusive answer as to why the order cannot be saved when you click the confirm button (which is before customers are sent to PayPal), as opposed to when the checkout_confirmation loads. Either way, the order still gets created before customers are sent to PayPal. Now, there may be another reason why my logic above doesnt work, and I am open to hearing that. Lets see what Terra thinks about it.
  5. Let me just understand this correctly, otherwise I am on the wrong track. Previously, merely going to checkout_confirmation would trigger the order being saved into the database. From my point of view, this is wrong, given that its quite common for many ppl to get to that stage in the checkout and abandon their cart. My understanding is that in the new contribution, the order only gets saved into the database after leaving the checkout_confirmation and being passed onto PayPal. i.e. only after the button_confirm_order has been clicked. If so, this is something that I have been advocating, and does seem to make more sense to me. Or am I on the wrong track?
  6. Terra, Fantastic! From day one of installing this module (having moved from another payment processor) I was wondering why the module worked the way that it did (i.e. update stock before order sent through to PayPal). Thanks to you its been fixed! Thanks for all your hard work.
  7. Bang on the money - this is how the logic should work.....only problem is I am not a programmer either :P
  8. The reason for this is if you try use the same credit card too many times on PayPals site (even if its a valid card), then PayPal will block your card. This will happen on the Sandbox or on the live site. As far as I know, there is no way around this, (other than to test with another credit card until that one goes bang also) is to create a personal account under the sandbox and then use that for your testing.
  9. Hi, just wondering if anyone has a more elegant or better working cure for the cart not emptying when returning from the Nochex site back to OsCommerce? I have tried the $cart->reset(TRUE); method as per this thread, but this only resets the cart if the user refreshes the browser. It does NOT empty automatically. Any ideas greatly appreciated.
  10. If I get what you are saying....then I think you are misunderstanding us :o If that makes any sense. I am not saying that all the database and email jobs shouldnt be handled; I am querying WHEN it is handled. At the moment, it appears that the order is created when the checkout_confirmation page is loaded. I am suggesting that the order should only be created when then Confirm Order button on checkout_confirmation is clicked. Its not *that* different, but does seem more logical.
  11. Correct - coming from a programming backround (albeit not mysql/php) the correct logic is to only create the record once the checkout confirmation button has been clicked.....its not *vital* that it happens this way, but in the strictest sense it is more logical and correct. Yes indeed. My post had nothing to do with the fact that this contribution is different from the stock Osc. My post was centred around the fact that paying with PayPal or paying with a credit card (via the PayPal site) produces two slightly different order status records. In addition, if paying with a credit card, the order status shown on the detailed customer invoice is different to the order status show on the list of recent orders.
  12. Hi Chooch, Thanks for the replies. Couple of quick questions on your response: Thanks for confirming this. Not that I am pointing fingers, but I have to ask the question why it is done like this...why not only create the preparing IPN order after checkout confirmation is pressed? I have read all of these, and whilst I understand the practicalities of the PayPal site, please can you confirm that: (i) When a customer pay with his PayPal account, the order status in the database is - Preparing [PayPal IPN] (customer not notified) - Preparing [PayPal IPN] (customer notified) - Pending (customer not notified); PayPal IPN Verified (ii) When a customer pay with his credit card on the PayPal site, the order status in the database is - Preparing [PayPal IPN] (customer not notified) - Pending (customer not notified); PayPal IPN Verified - Preparing [PayPal IPN] (customer notified) Lastly, assuming that scenario (ii) is correct, why is the last order status in the individual customer order shown as Preparing [PayPal IPN] (customer notified), but in the list of recent orders the status is shown as Pending? Thanks again for the help.
  13. Not sure if this contribution is working the way that it should be. This is how its working in my store: STEP 1 Customer places goods in his shopping basket and gets to the page. At this point (before exiting this page), the order is placed into the orders table - as verified by the following screenshot - and given a status of PayPal [Preparing IPN]. This does not seem right to me - shouldnt the orders table and status update only occur once the customer has clicked the "confirm order" button on this page?? STEP 2 Customer makes payment on the PayPal site either via PayPal itself, or via credit card. Step 2, Option 1: If paying via PayPal, the transfer back to my store takes place automatically. The following updates are shown in my database, all of which look correct: Step 2, Option 2: If paying by credit, the customer clicks the Pay Now button and a record is created in my database. However, the customer the customer is then given the choice of creating a PayPal account, and must click the "Return to merchant store" text link in order to return back to my store (off topic - this is absolutely shocking behaviour by PayPal). The following updates are then shown in my store: The first image seems incorrect - why is the second order status pending (which occurs when the Pay Now button is clicked at PayPal), and the third order status then reverts back to Preparing [PayPal IPN] ?? It looks like these are the wrong way around !! Even more strange is that on the order list in the backend, the status is shown as Pending!!! CONCLUSION So, in conclusion, two main issues that I have: 1. Why is the Preparing [PayPal IPN] created when the page is loaded, and not when the "Confirm order" button on this page is clicked? Although my initial thoughts were that the Fast Easy Checkout contribution (which adds the checkout_shipping and checkout_payment into one page) may be the culprit, I am not convinced. 2. Why does the order status not work properly when the customer pays via credit card, but does work correctly when the customer pays via PayPal? Any enlightened answers to the above would be GREATLY appreciated.
  14. Ugh, I spoke a bit too soon...this is what my order info in my admin looks like: 12/03/2006 14:37:00 False Preparing [PayPal IPN] 12/03/2006 14:38:14 False Pending PayPal IPN Verified [Completed (Unverified; £5.19)] 12/03/2006 14:38:48 True Preparing [PayPal IPN] First entry is just before transferring to PayPal Second entry is just after customer has clicked Pay Now on PayPal site Third entry is when customer is returned to my site -->> this looks like its labelled incorrectly; should it not be Pending?? Btw, my default status is "Pending"
  15. Woot! I hadnt enabled the IPN settings in my paypal account, but a removal of the module and reinstallation did the trick!!! Thanks John...much appreciated!!!