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  1. damianbunn

    NEW: Anti Robot Registration Validation

    Hi, Installed this mod and came across the problem where the letters are not showing up on any of the pages. I did the test using the rsid and the validation_png.php and the letters showed UP OK. The instructions mention if another mod has been installed there is a fix I have spent ages searching for this fix as I may well have installed another MOD for our contact_us page where maps and the spam robot are shown. Can anyone point me in the rigth direction for this fix. Thanks Damian
  2. Error when trying to use Images. I have installed and working so far apart for the ability to actually use images. I upload without a problem and the directory is set to 777. Whenever I select an image to add from the list on the server in image root I get an error:- Line 35 Char 4 Access is denied Code 0 URL http://www.koi-waterlife-centre.com/eShop/...le=activate.gif Do you want to continue running scripts on this page. I select Yes, but cannot really do anything or add the picture. Any clues please, now desperate. Damian
  3. damianbunn

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    I use Network Solutions for hosting. Having got my site ready to go and integrating the HSBC CPI module the hosting company has now said they will not put the so file in the usr/lib directory as it is shared hosting. Grrrrr..... Is there anyway around this ? If not can anyone recommend an ISP that will or has allowed this. Thanks Damian
  4. Does anyone have the steps to include this with the add actual price mod installed. I have gone through the php provided with the add actual weight, but with the changes applied by AAP I am unable to get them to match up and find the correct places to install the code. Any clues or code would be great. It is a shame as there are only two files to change. TIA Damian
  5. I have installed Version 1.7 on my shop that has already had imagemagic installed. I cannot seem to be able to get the image portion of WYSWIG to work, in that images are not uploaded. I may be doing something totally wrong but cannot see what/where. Any advice would be great. Damian
  6. I have installed Image Magic on a unix host. I add an image through products and the image is not displayed. If I turn IM off it is then displayed. I noticed that a thumbnails directory does not exist. I manually created in /catalog/thumbnails and CHMOD'd it to 777. Adding a new product the thumbnail and expanded image were not displayed, nor placed in the thumbnail folder. In fact I cannot locate where the images have been placed. Hope someone can help Damian
  7. I have implemented the cc encrypt, tested it and it works really well. I would also like to encrypt the CVV number and possibly the expiry date to ensure that nothing of use could be stolen. I have looked at the code and there is a single line that performs the encryption:- $cc_number_crypt = base64_encode(cc_encrypt($order->info['cc_number'], CCKEY)); Would the following mod work on the CVV number $cvv_number_crypt = base64_encode(cvv_encrypt($order->info['cvv_number'], CCKEY)); Has anyone already made the change to encrypt the CVV number. Damian
  8. I have manually installed CCV 1.24. I see the correct information in the admin orders.php for the CCV number and remove the CCV, however when I test making a payment by CC I do not get a box for the CCV number. I have double checked the code and do not appear to have missed anything. Something I also noticed that in the min/max options in configuration I do not see a field for the CCV length (3 or 4). Any clues on diagnosing this ? TIA Damian
  9. damianbunn

    CVV 1.32 Question

    Sorry folks, please forget this. Using the wrong version. Too early in the morning, or too many beers. Damian
  10. damianbunn

    CVV 1.32 Question

    I have started to install the above MOD. I have however found a problem when trying to amend the orders.php in the admin section. The instructions say:- However when I open the file the only line I can find anywhere near this is:- Anyone give me a clue if I am doing this correctly. TIA Damian
  11. Before I install this can I just confirm that the card number is still readable in the orders section of the admin interface to allow the order to be processed. TIA Damian