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  1. Genius

    Login from outside OSC

    I have installed this contributions and seem to be having problems login on from otuside. I do not have SSL so on my html page i have <form name="login" method="post" action="http://sitename/store/login.php?action=process"> When i type the correct username and password i get the login.php page showing with the login box... on the top of the i can see the OSC session id.. SO i end up login on twice how do i over come this situation... please could someone help me. many thanks
  2. Genius

    Database Optimizer for admin tool

    I have installed this contribution, but seem to have problems, every time i click optimise button it thinks for a bit and then throws me to the admin login page... any help.
  3. Genius

    DataBase Optimizer

    I have installed this contribution, but seem to have problems, every time i click optimise button it thinks for a bit and then throws me to the admin login page... any help.
  4. Genius

    Automatic Database Optimization

    I am pretty sure i am in the correct thread, as i have loaded the automatic database optimisation, but head into loads of problems, like if i log out and log back in or go back to the index page in the admin panel then it gives me an error to say that the file is in use.. hence i tried the manual option.. if so could you direct me to the correct thread... can't seem to fine it.
  5. Genius

    Automatic Database Optimization

    HI I have just downloaded and configure my site with the manual update of optomization, and seem to run into a small problem When i click the optimise button from my admin page it seems like it is updating and then all of a sudden it shows me the admin login page.. and it has become even slower any help would be great.
  6. Genius

    minimum order based on category

    IF anyone has come up with a solution, i am too interested in this type of feature.. many thanks
  7. Genius

    Quantity Price Breaks Per Product

    HI, I have installed this contribution and all went well.. The problem i have to should i say the request i have is that i would like to have the product listing page to show the values that show on the product info page.. At the moment it shows like image, product name , 10-20 and the buy now button, What i would like to show is the image, product name , then a box with the price and quantity to add and the buy now button ie . image, Product name, 1 ($20), 3+ ($15), 5+($20) - Buy Now. * also to show at the bottom of each a quantity box. Many thanks
  8. Genius

    Login form outside of catalog

    That works fine if you have the correct login details, what if you do not have the corrct details... the page goes to your login page with an error. is there anyone who has figured this out.
  9. Genius

    (NEW CONTRIBUTION) Outside Login

    Kim, Great contribution, but i have a problem.. If i login with the correct detail no problems i get into the site without any errors.. But if i type the wrong user name or Password i get into the OSC site with the error message.. anyway to show the error message on the outsite page, where the login is.
  10. I have download and installed the Login from outside OSC Login from outside OSC The installation was fine, but i have a small problem not sure how to go about it, IF i login with the correct details i get into the site with no problems. But if i type a wrong password or user name i get into the site with the login screen and an error. I would like to have the error show on the external page instead of the osc site. the setup i have is HTML page has the login form button, and would like the error to show on the HTML page and not on the OSC site login page... any suggestions. thanks
  11. Genius

    Yappa-NG Issue with Demo-Mode

    Hi guys, have you manged to get the yappa gallery working in your OSC site. if so pleas could you assist me with the integration process. many thanks
  12. Genius

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Hi Jack, thanks for the great contribtuion.i have been trying different site maps and all products and just did not get what i wanted. See your contribtion and it works great. Thanks once again
  13. Genius

    All Products and Site Map

    I have just hit another problem... i have a sub category in a sub category and that does not show... any help
  14. Genius

    All Products and Site Map

    Hi Terry, and anyone who can assist on this, I have installed and set uo the sitemap with no problems, but i would like to make an addition and not sure how to go about... As it stands the only clickable link is the products , i would like to me that category and sub category to have links too, so that if you click on a category you will go to that category,... any ideas... thanks
  15. Genius

    All Products 3

    HI I am in search of the same solution... anyone..