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  1. Hiya Thanks for the quick reply. yep, that sorted it. Tested and it all works now. Not sure why or how that was altered Thanks Ian
  2. Hi just installed version 4.1 on my local test site and when I run auto_backup_setup I get an error 1048 - Column 'set_function' cannot be null INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `last_modified`, `date_added`, `use_function`, `set_function`) VALUES ('Auto Backup Interval', 'BACKUP_INTERVAL', '20', 'Alter the automatic dBase backup interval in minutes, i.e. 20mins (5 mins minimum). When a new backup is created the previous interim one is deleted, subject to the Backup Archive Interval', '8675310', 30, NULL, now(), NULL, NULL) [TEP STOP] I'm using RC2a Can anyone help Thanks Ian
  3. ianric

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hiya Maybe I'm missing something but I'll ask anyway. Installed OK but already had configuration_group_id number 289 so changed all occurances of 289 to 1210 Generated sitemaps but the success text says click the link below to submit to google but it isn't a link. Should it be? Or is it a case of copy and paste, which I did and the file was accepted. Sorry for a dumb question, thought I'd ask Cheers Ian
  4. Solved. The install instructions say Find(324): tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CATEGORIES, 'cPath=' . $cPath . '&pID=' . $products_id)); Replace with: // instant update redirect not needed + it stops messages. //tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CATEGORIES, 'cPath=' . $cPath . '&pID=' . $products_id)); // EOF instant update This line needs to be kept in. ie SKIP this step if using admin category paging. Works for me so hope this helps others Cheers Ian
  5. Hiya I'm trying to get this working with admin category paging but it errors when clicking on the >> for next page Warning: reset() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in C:\xampp\htdocs\adminplanetfdsD68BBA81\includes\classes\object_info.php on line 17 Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in C:\xampp\htdocs\adminplanetfdsD68BBA81\includes\classes\object_info.php on line 18 The URL looks like localhost/admin_folder/categories.php?cPath=145&action=new_product_preview&page=2 and I think the "&action=new_product_preview" needs to be removed but I can't find how. Can someone help with getting this to work. I have the "update without preview" checkbox checked by default so what I'm after is to pick on the Preview button then go back to previous page without "&action=new_product_preview" being added to the URL Many thanks in advance Ian
  6. ianric

    Header Tags SEO

    Doh!! it was me. My local test site and live site got out of sync. Wasn't really ready to add the new features to live store but did update live admin section. Thats what the problem was. Both sites are now sync'd Thanks Ian
  7. ianric

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi This is a basic SQL problem but it's related to Header Tags 3.2.5 and it's also baffling. Everything has been installed and working for a few months but now I need to add some custom text to the products_head_keywords_tag field. I need to append the same 5 keywords to 1400 products so rather than do each individually, I went into PHPmyadmin and exported the products_description table to excel. So... my excel sheet is finished and I have a txt file with the SQL statements. It runs in PHPmyadmin with no errors, I look at the table and my new keywords are there. The problem is that my product pages don't pick up the new info. The info is there in PHPmyadmin and also in my Admin section. I've tried update products_description set products_head_keywords_tag=concat(products_head_keywords_tag,' keyword, keyword') where product_id=;etc etc and update products_description set products_head_keywords_tag=existing values for products_head_keywords_tag, keyword, keyword'; Both these work on my local test site with XAMPP but NOT on my LIVE site. The baffling thing is that if I edit and update the products in my Admin panel, without changing anything, they are then shown in the source of my product pages. Obviously, i've cleared the cache, rebooted, tried with Firefox but they are still not shown.Even more baffling is that I backed up my LIVE database, restored it locally, ran my SQL with no errors, tried a few product pages and Yippee my new keywords are there. Restored back to my LIVE site and... Nope, they're not shown. Again, they are shown in my Admin panel and in PHPmyadmin and again if I edit and update the products in my Admin panel, without changing anything, they are then shown in the source of my product pages. As a test I tried update products_description set products_description='liwurfdhwwoafhgrfdv oliergjo t543563aerdf' where product_id=;etc etc That WORKS first time, locally and live. Why is it just the header tags? Hope someone can put me out of my misery Ian
  8. ianric

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi I've installed and tested this contrib a while ago locally and all is OK. Been out of action since so now trying to get my head back into Osc. I've noticed the use of h1, h2 etc tags going down in importance *I think* but I'm getting conflicting info so just want to check. In my Admin->product description, I'm using PHP and the EVAL function in the product_info.php as per an answer by Monica from Germany to a post ages ago. This is part of the code I'm using (minus the h-tags). Should be easy to understand but I'm at www.icr-records.co.uk if you need examples. One code page does all products with only a few minor changes - ie number of images and tracks on each record. I've used h1 for the product name (Artist - Title), h2 for the record label and cat # and also for the track name, and lastly h3 for any comments I might add. I've found info saying that h tags need to be bold and they must end with an h6 tag. This is the link (delete if it breaks any rules) - http://www.vodahost.com/vodatalk/search-engine-topics-vodahits/35524-seo-tip-proper-h-meta-development-techniques.html I'm going to be modding this down to HTML and including h-tags but want to be sure I've got them in the right places before I start. // 5184000 = 60 days in the unix timestamp format if ( ($today_time - strtotime($listing['products_date_added'])) < 5184000) { $img_new_product = ' ' . tep_image_icon('icon_newarrival.gif', TEXT_ICON_NEW_PRODUCT); echo $listing['products_artist'].'</b>' . $img_new_product; } else { echo $listing['products_artist']; } ?> </h1> <hr width="95%"> <p><b>Quickfind : <?php echo $listing['products_quickfind'];?></b></p> <h2>Label / Cat No : <?php echo $listing['products_label'] . ' / ' . $listing['products_catno'];?></h2> <p>Format : <?php echo $listing['products_media'];?></p> <p>Country : <?php echo $listing['products_country'];?></p> <p>Released : <?php echo $listing['products_year'];?></p> <p>Genre : <?php echo $listing['products_category'];?></p> <p>Condition (Cover / Vinyl) : <a style="text-decoration: underline" href="javascript:Start('grading.htm')";><?php echo $listing['products_condition'];?></a></p> <h3>Additional Notes : <?php echo $listing['products_comments'];?></h3> <p>Price : <?php echo $products_price ;?></p> <hr width="95%"> <p><?php echo '<a href=\'playlists/'.$listing['products_refno'].'.m3u\'><img border=\'0\' src=\'images/headphones.gif\' alt=' .'\''.'Play all tracks from '.$just_artist[1].' by ' .$just_artist[0]. '\' '. 'width=\'13\' height=\'14\'></a> <b>Tracklisting:</b>';?></p> <?php if (!is_null ($Tlisting['A1'])) { $side_track= '-' . substr(($Tlisting['A1']),0,2); echo '<h2><a href=\'MP3/' . $listing['products_refno'] . $side_track . '.mp3\'><img border=\'0\' src=\'images/headphones.gif\' alt=' .'\''.str_replace("'", "'", substr(($Tlisting['A1']),3)) .' by ' .$just_artist[0]. '\''. 'width=\'13\' height=\'14\'></a> ' . $Tlisting['A1'] . '</h2>'; } Many thanks Ian
  9. ianric

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Just installed locally and all seems OK. Just a quick question tho. The first is my store logo. The Alt for the image is fine on info pages but changes to the product name when viewing a product. I read a post from Sept 2009 and the answer mentioned keyword density (I think) but just want to check if that's right or if I've missed something. Cheers Ian Edit: Solved!! You struggle for hours and as soon as you post, the lighbulb lights up. In admin, I had the "include product name" ticked for the pages. Un-ticked and it now works. Cheers Ian
  10. ianric

    Daily Specials

    Hi Jack, Thanks for the answers Been testing it some more today and I couldn't get it to fail apart from the admin side so I'm happy again. I do have KGT discount installed so there could be a conflict. Cheers Ian
  11. ianric

    Daily Specials

    Sorry for the confusion. The error shows in admin->daily_specials.php ONLY when I pick on a category or page and I *think* this is causing the errors shop side. In Firefox, nothing happened when I clicked on the banner and that's when I found the error console with all the errors. This is the error admin side in IE Line 34 char 3 SelectedIndex is null or not an object admin/daily_specials.php View source and line 34 is if (list.selectedIndex == 0) { I'm at the office now so not got access to Firefox or my store site but did some more testing last night and I still get the error admin side but the shop side seems to work in IE. Now, I have another problem. The main shopping cart shows the discount incorrectly. The shopping cart box is correct. I've created a daily special called 80s dance condition 1 - cart total condition 2 - greater than condition 3 - 10% categories - 80s dance (get a yellow triangle error) pages - select to clear main shopping cart subtotal - £11.30 80s dance -£1.00 (should be £1.13) total - £10.17 shopping cart box subtotal - £11.30 80s dance -£1.13 total - £10.17 Also, what does the daily specials info box do? I was expecting a list similar to the stock specials but I read that it has nothing to do with that. Hope this is understandable Ian
  12. ianric

    Daily Specials

    Hi Jack Yep, as soon as I pick a category or page, the error shows up. No visible errors in Firefox but a few in the error console. Just PM'd you a link to a pic Cheers Ian
  13. ianric

    Daily Specials

    Hi Just installed but when I pick on any of the categories or pages in the bottom right corner, I get a yellow triangle (MSIE 7) and when clicking on it the error is Line 32 char 1 id is undefined admin/daily_specials.php function ClearSelections(idname) { alert(id); *** This is line 32 when view source *** var list = document.daily_special_home.idname; if (list.selectedIndex == 0) { list.selectedIndex = 0; } } I'm on PHP 5 if that makes a difference Cheers Ian Edit: Just renamed alert(id) to alert(idname) and a "testing??" alert came up. Commented the line out and now get a different yellow triangle message Line 34 char 3 selectedindex is null or not an object admin/daily_specials.php Same function but this time if (list.selectedIndex == 0) { Ian
  14. Yeah, I feel invisible. And just to proove I'm not a vampire, I have an answer. This is for Harleyreb too. While I have been waiting, I did some more testing and reading of posts, all day today. A few posts back, someone complained about all the bug fixes and that there isn't one overall install of DCC that works. In repying, TracyS mentioned a couple of "good" DCC installs that should be OK (I think thats what she said). So, I installed KGT "DCC version 3.0" from 24th April 2007 and I couldn't get anything to fail with a DEFAULT install of osc. No extra addons, just overwrote default files from this contrib. So I installed the same on my development site and as soon as I picked Paypal, it crashed. I'm pretty sure I'm using the same version as Harleyreb. I also have the cheque payment installed. I installed COD just so I can flick between different payment modules and it's only Paypal that crashes. It writes the current order number and the coupon name to the database there and then like I said in my post above. That's why you get the duplicate error. So, back to trawling through the list of bug fixes on the contrib page. I found "Paypal IPN w/ Discount Coupons Updated" by Nimz 7th Jan 2008. I replaced the original with the file in this contrib and hey presto. No more crashes. :D I gave it a good test, deleting & adding to the cart, changing payment methods, different addresses etc and no crashes. I still have to re-enter the coupon code tho I haven't tested it live yet and I haven't installed a later version of DCC so I can't say if it's the paypal ipn or DCC but it works local Here's to me and mines a pint next time we meet Ian
  15. Can no one help with this??? After more testing (and looking at the screen - where the error is displayed in the URL)it seems, if I navigate away from the checkout confirmation page to change something, the coupon is entered into the discount_coupons_to_orders table along with the order_id there and then. Even if no mods are made, I have to enter the discount code again on checkout_payment and that's when I get the error in the URL http://localhost/checkout_payment.php?error_message=Our+records+show+that+you+have+used+this+coupon+1+time%28s%29.++You+may+not+use+this+code+more+than+1+time%28s%29.&osCsid=smcrcbkplkceig30kukikjk7k2 The problem is, I haven't yet used to coupon. All I have done is navigate away from the checkout confirmation to change something. Hope that makes more sense Please, please can someone help me out cheers Ian