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  1. It seems that all of asudden this module has stopped working on my site. I know it's not working because people have ordered from my site and it's not being logged in the User Tracking module. I am getting the orders, but it's not being tracked in teh User Tracking module. Strange? Any ideas on what's going on? Thanks, Susan
  2. Anyone? I need help here please. Thanks!!
  3. I am struggling with making the size of the input box for textarea bigger. Right now it is almost invisible for the user to see what they are inputing. Where is the code to make this box bigger? You can go here and see what I mean - http://www.stitchinit.com/store/product_in...&products_id=41 Thanks, Susan Keifline
  4. I am using the Product Attributes - Option Type Feature v1.7.2 and when I select a product to use the Textarea box, the box itself is really small. Where in the code, what page, do I need to edit so that the box is larger on the product info page? You can see it here - http://www.stitchinit.com/store/product_in...&products_id=41. Thanks, Susan Keifline
  5. Okay, so I got it to work now. Sorry, my brain is fried from today ;0)
  6. I have installed ImageMagic and followed the directions. But I am getting this error - cache erro cannot create dir. check readme. I have made sure that I have the correct cache directory and folder and permissions. But this is not working. What do I need to do. you can see this at www.stitchinit.com/store thanks!