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  1. gcf

    Easy csv

    I managed to make it work by adding the necessary code in csv_import.php...
  2. gcf

    Easy csv

    I try to add the products_url field for two languages, en and gr. Here is my .ini: [settings] debug = "0" csv_upload_folder = "csv" correct_fields_count = "1" correct_fields_radius = "5" products_default_status = "0" default_category_id = "278" auto_add_categories = "0" import_images_urls = "1" image_name_delimiter = "|" allow_empty_db = "0" decimal_point = "," thousands_sep = "." [csv] delimiter = ";" enclosure = "@" columns_headers = "category, farm_id, name_gr, name_en, quantity, image, price, weight, description_gr, description_en, tax class, manufacturer name,url_el,url_en" columns_headers_delimiter = "," categories_delimiter = "|" categories_subcat_delimiter = "." categories_language = "" [products] products_farm_id = "1" products_image = "5" products_price = "6" products_quantity = "4" products_weight = "7" products_tax_class_id = "10" [categories] categories_id = "0" [manufacturers] manufacturers_id = "11" [products_description] products_name = "gr:2, en:3" products_description = "gr:8, en:9" products_url = "gr:12, en:13" But no url fields are updated. What should I do?
  3. In my shop I use the members discount contribution and the loyal customers discount contribution. I am looking for a way to exclude the products on sale from being discounted furthermore. How would one go about this? I think these modules work on the order total, so I would need to change each one in a way to sum up the price of the products in the cart that are not "specials" Could someone provide a sketch of the required code or any hints?
  4. Hi, I have some problems with mzmt after installing ship2pay. Can someone confirm if they are compatible with each other?
  5. In the mzmt.php module file just change this line: 'module' => constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_MZMT_GEOZONE_' . $this->delivery_geozone . '_TEXT_TITLE') . ' (' . $shipping_weight . ' lbs)', to 'module' => constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_MZMT_GEOZONE_' . $this->delivery_geozone . '_TEXT_TITLE'),
  6. Ultimate SEO urls in bilingual site? Hi all, I am setting up an oscommerce shop with two languages, english and greek, and I just installed Ultimate SEO urls. It works fine but I noticed it does not differentiate the two languages in the urls it rewrites. So a page in greek and the same one in english get the same url, the front page for example, or pages with category names not translated in greek. Does Google have a problem with that? Is there a way to add a /gr/ or /en/ somewhere in the url? Thanks in advance....