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  1. ctbhost

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    i must be missing something - does this contrib work with OSCMax and BTS - what do i need to do to make it work any pointers would be apprecuiated i have version 3.62 of this contrib
  2. ctbhost

    [Contribution] Infobox Skin Manager

    i have done a clean install of osc and added just this mod, but i keep getting the error message Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/1 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/2 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/3 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/4 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/5 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/6 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/7 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/8 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/9 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESslice_sets/10 does not exist Error - DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGESskins/ directory does not exist can anyone help
  3. ctbhost

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    i just found this thread - looks good but boy is it a long one why not start a poll on this contribution to see what people think about it