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  1. Hey Stephen,

    How is it going with... everything? :o)



  2. I will warn everyone now, payment modules are mostly supported for oscommerce version 2.2 ms2, at some point the oscommerce team changed how the payment modules work. ( ie. they use $paymentmodule->confirmation() to pull up the entry fields and enter orders, rather than using the $paymentmodule->selection() function for the entry fields and the confirmation function for entering orders ) there's code there in the includes/classes/onepage_checkout.php to comment or uncomment to support these, remember to never set the checkout to live without testing your payment method with it, as sometimes it can take some tweaking to get it working 100%. Also, there's a new update coming soon for the charsets. Here's the deal: AJAX only supports sending data back using the UTF-8 charset so we've added a function to help this process work with database data and input entered data to hopefully stop the issues with encodings once and for all.
  3. A new version of this contribution is on the way, we have already fixed the following issues: #1: Taxes in pricing #2: Added the defines for the address book window buttons #3: removed the ability to remember the customers entered information for one page checkout #4: done some cleanup in the source for the full js functions vs ones that require php #5: fixed an issue with the password entry where it was being double encrypted resulting in not being able to log in #6: fixed an issue where the charset's didn't match up, now the checkout file and it's ajax requests are UTF-8 Answers to problems: #1: if you see an update button, then you do not have javascript enabled in your browser, this contribution is JS only right now but later will support non-js browsing #2: if you're getting the error about a call to on a non-object, then see #1. if that's not the problem then make sure you have a payment method selected #3: for the sts buttons, the JS in this contribution relies either on a class name or an id assigned to the button, make sure your buttons have the same attributes as the ones in the default setup. #4: the paypal standard is there because it's in osc 2.2ms2, it's mainly there so that you can see that any payment module that sends an email within itself needs to have those changes made, otherwise you will end up with no address in the emails. Thank you all for the feedback on this contribution, we're working to make it 100% usable but please understand that it can take time to get to fixing or adding anything to it when there's work on the board that must take priority. Stephen
  4. sw45859

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    hey guys, it's been a long time since i posted here or released a new version of CCC, one is coming in the near future. in response to the bugs about a product not being added to the cart and why the default computer status is set to 0: it's set to 0 to prevent the custom computers from showing up in the store, but when set to 0 it prevents the computer from showing up in the cart. this is an error on my part for not including the work-around for the shopping cart. well here it is: CHECK ONLY IF PRODUCT IS NOT ADDING TO THE CART!!!! if in /catalog/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php around line 100: if (($check_product !== false) && ($check_product['products_status'] == '1')) { replace with //Custom Computer Creator Begin if (($check_product !== false)) { //Custom Computer Creator End
  5. no you don't comment out the function, you have to find out where the application_top.php is being called twice, if you comment out that function it will disable it throughout the cart, look in the bb_default.php and find every place where the application_top.php is called, and comment out only the include, ADVICE: comment one, refresh page until the error dissappears.
  6. normally this error is caused by the application_top.php being included twice i wish i could tell you where but with the phpbb contribution theres alot to search through to find it. just know that it is more than likely due to the application_top being included twice in the same file or in an included file.
  7. sw45859

    Monthly Sales & Tax version 2

    just figured i would post and let you guys know and let the creator know that this is adding the subtotal and total together for all orders so your gross earnings are not reported correctly, they are actually doubled, and i have created the products cost/profit report for this but i have to test a little more before sharing the code for it and i am also going to look at the addition of the total and subtotal and cancel that out and i will let you guys know how it comes along.
  8. sw45859

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    just to remind you guys, i am no longer supporting this contribution in oscommerce forums, you can e-mail me for the new forum address at admin@snjcomputers.com
  9. sw45859

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    for number 1 i will add the ability to either hide or show them from the admin area, as for number 2 if i am reading correctly that is already possible all you have to do is create that category and add the products, then tell that category to only be shown under either prebuilt system. and on another note, until i see any other suggestions i am going to work up some screenshots to create a tutorial on how to use this thing, if you guys can either pm me or post to the thread what parts you have the most difficulty figuring out how to do so i can make sure i hit those areas very well. thank you for supporting this contribution and a special thanks to unified for his help and support in identifying the errors and things i left out.
  10. sw45859

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    well guys, honestly i don't know what other options anyone could ask for, i have now added: 1.Admin ability to enable/disable pictures per category. 2.Admin ability to enable/disable products per fsb/system type. 3.Admin ability to add/delete/enable/disable fsb speeds. 4.Customer ability to enable/disable pictures per session. 5.Working on the admin ability to add templates to the prebuilt systems. if you can think of anything you would like to see that isn't in this contribution please let me know so i can get it added, i want to make you guys happy with this contribution, and in turn make me happy.
  11. sw45859

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    no it doesn't i have a new readme with everything that is current, i will post it now.
  12. sw45859

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    so i will add it and have it able to be disabled by category, like keyboards, monitors, harddrives
  13. sw45859

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    SHOW OF HANDS: 1. Bring Back Pictures? 2. If So Enable Them By Category Or Product? not saying that this last release is completly fixed, but this is one of the next additions if it is wanted.
  14. sw45859

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    the thing i am trying to figure out is that my site doesn't lose the session, do you have your sessions stored in mysql?
  15. sw45859

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    i put this in an earlier post: replace $orders_products_query = tep_db_query("select orders_products_id, products_name, products_model, products_price, products_tax, products_quantity, final_price from " . TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS . " where orders_id = '" . (int)$order_id . "'"); while ($orders_products = tep_db_fetch_array($orders_products_query)) { $this->products[$index] = array('qty' => $orders_products['products_quantity'], 'name' => $orders_products['products_name'], 'model' => $orders_products['products_model'], 'tax' => $orders_products['products_tax'], 'price' => $orders_products['products_price'], 'final_price' => $orders_products['final_price']); with $orders_products_query = tep_db_query("select orders_products_id, products_id, products_name, products_model, products_price, products_tax, products_quantity, final_price from " . TABLE_ORDERS_PRODUCTS . " where orders_id = '" . (int)$order_id . "'"); while ($orders_products = tep_db_fetch_array($orders_products_query)) { $description_query = tep_db_query("select products_description as desc_info from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " where products_id = " . $orders_products['products_id']); $description_info = tep_db_fetch_array($description_query); $this->products[$index] = array('qty' => $orders_products['products_quantity'], 'name' => $orders_products['products_name'], //CCC 'description' => $description_info['desc_info'], //DONE 'model' => $orders_products['products_model'], 'tax' => $orders_products['products_tax'], 'price' => $orders_products['products_price'], 'final_price' => $orders_products['final_price']);