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    Zone Rates Won't Save

    Hi, What My Client Wants Basically he needs to have two shipping zones: US and International. For the US shipping is $8 - $10 and international is $25. My Problem The default shipping module "Zone Rates" won't save any zone outside of zone 1. I found the "/catalog/includes/modules/shipping/zones.php" file and edited line 111 $this->num_zones = 2; I put two so that I can have 2 general zones (US and International). I then log into the admin section to edit the zone rates data and it doesn't save. Any suggestions?
  2. digitalalias

    zone rates

    Wow Coopco, that was so NOT a helpful answer. I think this person may have realized that option existed. Personally I'm looking for the same answer so I'm no help either. I have a customer that wants US shipping set to $8.00 to $10.00 and International shipping set to $25.00. Also once I have it setup, how do I test the International rate since I'm clearly in a US zone? Thanks for any useful help. :thumbsup: