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  1. mightyx

    Mail Manager

    Does Mailmanager support sending mails also by SMTP?
  2. Found out by myself now!!! Very easy if you understand how coupons work! Here's the code for calling the coupon amount: array_sum($order->coupon->applied_discount)
  3. One quick question: How can I echo the total discount amount on e.g. the checkout_confirmation.php page (besides the output in order_total)?
  4. mightyx

    Sort Products By Dropdown

    I got accross a problem with this contrib, maybe the original author or someone else can help... Contrib works fine on my store, but has one serious problem. If a product is not sold within the "MAX_DAYS_LOOKBACK_BESTSELLERS" period, the product won't be selected in the cron_update_bestsellers.php script so it will keep it's old value in recent_sales field. That's a problem, as the product is no bestseller any more. For example, assuming 30 days lookback: In June I sell 100x PRODUCT A and 10x PRODUCT B In July I sell 0x PRODUCT A and 20x PRODUCT B In August PRODUCT A would still be the best selling product, because the script didn't update PRODUCT A. cron_update_bestsellers.php needs to be fixed so that if a product is not updated, the recent_sales field is set to 0. Can someone fix that or has someone an idea?
  5. I have a tax calculation problem with different tax rates (Germany). It occurs if a customer applies a fixed discount (prices alaways incl. taxes im Germany) e.g. of 5 Euro. If all ordered products are at 19% VAT everything works fine, but if there's one or more products with reduced VAT (7%) the coupon is nor more at 5 Euro but at e.g. 4.20 Euro. Has anyone a solution for that problem???
  6. OK, here's what I want to do: I want to disappear the "zones" shipping module from the selection in shipping.php if another module is enabled (the other module is a self programmed shipping module). My plan was to tell the zones module to be disabled (enabled = false) if the other module is enabled (enabled = true). But how do I do that?
  7. mightyx

    Mail Manager

    Yes, that helps! btw: this contrib is currently not multilanguage? I think that would also be a good thing to include in the next version.
  8. mightyx

    Mail Manager

    Thanks! I am currently testing the contrib, not so bad... :) But it seems to me, that not all variables work, the $customername for exmaple in status mail doesn't work for my shop. Also I wonder where I should edit the mail subject.
  9. mightyx

    Mail Manager

    Just one question... When I have installed e.g. payment modules like paypal that use their own mail function in the payment module itself, can I then replace the original mail code with the mail manager email code from the cahckout_process.php and it works??? if (file_exists(DIR_WS_MODULES.'mail_manager/order_confirm.php')){ include(DIR_WS_MODULES.'mail_manager/order_confirm.php'); }else{ tep_mail($order->customer['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->customer['lastname'], $order->customer['email_address'], EMAIL_TEXT_SUBJECT, $email_order, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); }
  10. mightyx

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Here's another serious bug in wishlist I couldn't resolve but others have similar problems as well... When a logged in user sends his wishlist to his own email address and then clicks to view his public wishlist, the wishlist box breaks with a fatal error Call to a non object error. Additionally the wishlist is empty after that but wir re-appear when the user logs out and in again. I tried to reolve the bug in appplication_top.php but no success... Here's my version of the wishlist in application_top.php: // wishlist data if (tep_session_is_registered('wishlist') && is_object($wishlist)) { if (PHP_VERSION < 4) { $broken_wishlist = $wishlist; $wishlist = new wishlist; $wishlist->unserialize($broken_wishlist); } } else { tep_session_register('wishlist'); $wishlist = new wishlist; } Any ideas or at least the same error when you follow my description?
  11. Hi, I want to exclude certain shipping methods from free shipping. Has anyone an idea how to do that?
  12. mightyx

    Bundled Products

    Hi, just an idea for a modification for the bundled products contrib: I want to use this contrib for selling product variations (just like options) not bundles. There would be a master product that contains sub-products that can be bought. For example, the master would be an apple, the sub-products would be a green apple, a red apple and a yellow apple. The difference to product attributes is, that every sub-product is a product for itself (e.g. model no., picture, price, title, stock...). I need that, because our facturing system and some export tools (like amazon, shopping.com) can't handle attributes. Has anyone used the contrib in that way or has anyone an idea how to modificate it?
  13. Anyone with a solution for this module?
  14. Something very very very strange with coupons: When a customer adds a free (discount price 0.00 EUR) to his cart as the first product and after that he adds another product with a price above 100 EUR to his cart, then... the following happens when he uses a fixed amount coupon code. In checkout confirmation the discount applied is about 100 EUR more than the initial discount coupon amount. For example: if the disount was 5.00 EUR, then the customer sees a discount applied of 104.94 EUR!!! This ONLY happens when the first product added to the cart has a price of 0 EUR. Has anyone an idea how to solve that strange problem? Cheers Nick
  15. So here's my actual code for the "express" Shipping module. function get_products() { global $languages_id; if (!is_array($this->contents)) return false; $products_array = array(); reset($this->contents); while (list($products_id, ) = each($this->contents)) { $products_query = tep_db_query("select p.products_id, pd.products_name, p.products_model, p.products_image, p.products_price, p.products_weight, p.products_tax_class_id from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " pd where p.products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "' and pd.products_id = p.products_id and pd.language_id = '" . (int)$languages_id . "'"); if ($products = tep_db_fetch_array($products_query)) { $prid = $products['products_id']; $products_price = $products['products_price']; $specials_query = tep_db_query("select specials_new_products_price from " . TABLE_SPECIALS . " where products_id = '" . (int)$prid . "' and status = '1'"); if (tep_db_num_rows($specials_query)) { $specials = tep_db_fetch_array($specials_query); $products_price = $specials['specials_new_products_price']; } //Impulse Item by jfj $specials_query = tep_db_query("select specials_new_products_price from " . TABLE_SPECIALS_CHECKOUT . " where products_id = '" . (int)$prid . "' and status = '1'"); if (tep_db_num_rows ($specials_query)) { $specials = tep_db_fetch_array($specials_query); $products_price = $specials['specials_new_products_price']; } //Impulse Item by jfj $attribute_code_array = array(); if (is_array($this->contents[$products_id]['attributes'])) { while (list($option, $value) = each($this->contents[$products_id]['attributes'])) { $attribute_code_query = tep_db_query("select code_suffix, suffix_sort_order from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES . " where products_id = '" . (int)$prid . "' and options_id = '" . (int)$option . "' and options_values_id = '" . (int)$value . "'"); $attribute_code = tep_db_fetch_array($attribute_code_query); if (tep_not_null($attribute_code['code_suffix'])) { $attribute_code_array[(int)$attribute_code['suffix_sort_order']] = $attribute_code['code_suffix']; } } $separator = ''; if (count($attribute_code_array) > 1) { $separator = '-'; } elseif (count($attribute_code_array) == 1) { $separator = '-'; } $products_code = $products['products_model'] . $separator . implode("/", $attribute_code_array); } else { $products_code = $products['products_model']; } $products_array[] = array('id' => $products_id, 'name' => $products['products_name'], 'model' => $products['products_model'], 'code' => $products_code, 'image' => $products['products_image'], 'price' => $products_price, 'quantity' => $this->contents[$products_id]['qty'], 'weight' => $products['products_weight'], 'final_price' => ($products_price + $this->attributes_price($products_id)), 'tax_class_id' => $products['products_tax_class_id'], 'attributes' => (isset($this->contents[$products_id]['attributes']) ? $this->contents[$products_id]['attributes'] : '')); } } return $products_array; }