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  1. pair

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Dear Jim, I personally want to tank you for starting a challenging project that I’m sure will help me and lots of other Osc users that have been looking for a better way of filtering the products they offer. I personally have been looking for this functionality for over 3 years with no avail. This project gives me hope. :lol: Since I’m not a programmer or php expert, working with Osc gives me the flexibility to maintain my own web site at low cost and manipulate certain areas as needed by using contribution or by applying the little php I have learned by working with it. My site offers printer supplies and what I have been looking for I think your contribution will do, If it works for me I’m sure it will help people in the auto parts industry as well as many others more. We want for our customers to select from a drop down menu or by a link the printer brand they have example ( Epson, HP, Lexmark Etc.), than the model of the printer (1020, 1030, 1040 Etc.) and finally show a list of all available products for the printer brand the customer has selected, however we would like for the form to have divisions as we offer after market (generic) products as well as Original brand products so we would like for the list to be populated with the products in the order we need them to appear as well as with a word division separating generic products, original products or any other products we need to offer for the printer brand they have. Example: HP 1020 available products (title) Generic Cartridges Generic A Generic B Original Cartridges Original A Original B Photographic Paper Paper A Paper B Etceteras Etc A Etc B Of course this is just a wish for consideration, however just to be able to filter and show the products in one form will be a big plus. Again, thanks for starting what we are sure will be a great contribution that many have been waiting for. :rolleyes: Pair
  2. pair

    Newsletter & Subscribtion for MS2

    Hello everyone, I installed the newsletter module v0.53a. It seems like everything is working as it should, however I have one problem and need your help. When a non registered customers enter their email address and name to subscribe via the left column I get the following error: 1146 - Table 'endless_inks4all.TABLE_SUBSCRIBERS' doesn't exist select subscribers_id from TABLE_SUBSCRIBERS where subscribers_email_address = 'test@test.com' [TEP STOP] The table subscribers is installed so I have no idea what may be creating the problem. Can anyone please help; I really need to get this fix. Hopefully it will not take weeks before someone answers please. :blink:
  3. Hi Williams, Thanks for replying. My problem is that if I add the code you mentioned above, when I type my URL, the index page shows blank. When I remove the code I can see my site as normal? On the admin side it appears like everything will function properly once this puzzle gets solve as I can’t see any errors, at least for now. It shows the following but I’m assuming is because is not tracking anything yet. Database Info: the Supertracker database currently holds 0 rows (oldest record : ) Do you have any idea what other file may be causing the problem that once I add the code on catalog/application_top.php the index page display blank? Any advice from you or anyone will be greatly appreciated. Cool :huh:
  4. Hello everyone, <_< This is my second post about my problem, hopefully someone can help me this time as I have a live site and I really need the stats of where my customers are coming from? Your answer I'm sure will help not only me but others as well. Here is my problem. If I add the following code to my catalog/includes/application_top.php //Do the superstats business require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'supertracker.php'); $tracker = new supertracker; $tracker->update(); When I type on a browser my website URL I get a blank page, if I remove the code I can see my website again. Please helpppppppppppp.
  5. Please help! I installed the contribution however I'm trying to download the file locally instead of send it to google via FTP, I want to upload it at goggle as a manual feed. When I right click on the run feed for Froogle US, I get the file download screen but after a few seconds I get the following error: Internet explorer cannot download from MYSITE.com the file could not be written to the cache. Any ideas or a suggestion on what I need to do to download the file locally to be able to modify it if needed. In advance thanks for any help I can get.
  6. Hopfully someone can help me with this problem. I just installed Supertracker v3.2b It looks like it will work, If I go to the admin area, I can see on the reports section the supertracker and the types of report I can run, however on my site once when I type my index URL I just get a blank page?? I noticed that if I remove the following code: //Do the superstats business require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'supertracker.php'); $tracker = new supertracker; $tracker->update(); from /catalog/includes/application_top.php then my site works again? Any idea why this may be happening? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Pair.
  7. pair


    Dear Ally, I believe that what you accomplish is what I have been looking for, for the past few days. Let me explain to see if this is what you have: Since not everybody has a website, but I still want people with out a website to become affiliates to earn commission and bring my needed sales to my site, I need for a way of adding like a coupon code at the affiliate_signup.php so that they can give this coupon code to their customers or friends, so that wend the customer or fried come to my site they can either enter this coupon code at the create_account.php or at the checkout_payment.php and I could still track down from what affiliate the sale came from??? Is kind of combining the REFERRAL POINT SYSTEM and the OSCAFFILIATE If this is what you have, could you tell me how to do it.. I hope you are the one that will solve my puzzle. Regards, Cool :rolleyes:
  8. First of all, I want to thank everyone in this great forum for an excellent job. Thanks to everyone here we all end up having really good functional websites... Now for my dilemma, I installed the osCaffiliate contribution and so far works, no errors yet (still testing it), the only problem I have, is that I also want people that don't have a website to become affiliates, and for them I thinking that if field for a coupon code, can be added to the affiliate program sign up they can use this coupon code to refer friends or customers to my website and earn their commission. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? What programming code do I need to change to make this work, or do I need a completely different contribution. Any advice is greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:
  9. pair

    Referral Point System

    Hey Dilder, Thank you for the information I'm sure that someone will use it. However as you stated before this is not what I was looking for, I need a contribution that will give the referrer (person that gave out the coupon or code) 5% from the total sale (generated from the use of the referrers coupon) I hope it makes sense. If you know of a contribution or code that will do this, please let me know, as I really need it. If not is OK as I really appreciated your help anyway. Thanks a lot. Regards, Cool.
  10. Hello everyone, I have been looking everywhere in osCommerce, for either a contribution or code manipulation, to create a search on my web site, using a dropdown menu. So far no luck so I decided to place my question here so that hopefully someone will help me or guide me to the right direction. I need to create a drop down search similar to the one in this site http://www.buythebestbuy.com/ next to (start here). Can anyone help me! I'm currently desperate trying to get my store up and running. In advance thanks for the help. Regards, Cool. :blink:
  11. pair

    Referral Point System

    I currently have the contribution installed on a test server, I have tried and everything works fine (great contribution), the only problem I have, and looks like you may have an answer for it, is that; I want the referrer to receive a X% from any sale generated, in which the referrer code was used instead of giving a flat amount. Please let me know if you can help with this?As I'm currently working on the step by step installation for heavy modify shops, and I would like to add the % fix to it if possible.