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  1. Yeah I solved the problem. thanks to JewBacca.. He gave me Chemo's version last version, so that SEO and CCGV work together just fine. My next problem is: If I restrict a product in admin for the coupon discount, and try to redeem the coupon in checkout_payment, it works perfectly. But if I add the restricted product and a not retsricted product, the coupon does not redeem the discount from the not-restricted product. As long I have the restricted product in my order, the coupon does not work. It should substract, lets say 20%o, of the not-restricted product(s). can you help me out on that problem? Or does anyone else even has this problem? I appreciate any help I can get.
  2. I have trouble with CCGV 2.16 and SE0 2.1d... 1. CGGV and SEO turned on... Everything works perfect, except the redeem button... 2. CGGV turned on, SEO turned off.. CGGV works perfectly too, but I want them both to work ;-) I also read about Chemo's last SEO version because there should be an option called 'Output W3C valid URLs (parameter string)?'. If I disable this option both contributions should work, but I have not found this option in neither one of Chemo's last contribs. Has anyone solved this problem? I appreciate any help I can get on that issue...
  3. Hello, I installed attributes copier & sorter v51c and everything looks alright in the admin section. I got all columns and fields there. I also can save the sort order, but in the catalog section nothing is sorted as it should be. I gave every attribute a sort order. The instruction says that already existing products will be listed as I sorted the attributes in the options value field, but it looks like I have never installed this contribution. If I try to sort it manually in the article section, now there are even attributes for that product listed that are not supposed to show up and I can't undo it. I double checked every change I have made, also in phpmyadmin. I just don't know what to do. I'm really thankful for every help I can get.