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  1. scottmason

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Thanks Bill, great site, i actually found this already, tell me how did you get the product image to be so large and did you use a contrubution to enhance the popup window. cheers ps anybody got any other sites i can take a look at.
  2. scottmason

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I've just installed STS and am quite excited that I can have a lot more frredom with the design. Does anybody know of really good websites that have been designed using STS so i can get an idea of the type of freedom you have. Not looking to copy ata all, just looking for a bit of inspiration really.
  3. scottmason

    [Contribution] Infobox Skin Manager

    I have STS V4 installed and I want to install info box manager What do I do with my current files in the include folder? /includes/column_left.php /includes/column_right.php /includes/header.php /includes/footer_left.php Do I overwrite them? or amalgamate the code? Also what do I do with the the following file /included/classes/boxes.php Again, do I overwrite this? please help cheers
  4. scottmason

    [Contribution] STS v4

    tried that already, still doesn't work, like i said the only way i get this to work is if i use my old folder that i had for STSv3 and change it to that in admin. what are the FULL and TEST folders for?
  5. scottmason

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi how did you get this to work? for instance i changed the Admin to read from the test folder, made some changes to the template.html in the test folder, the changes take effect but the place holders are just showing up as text.. the test folder seems pretty empty to me, it only contains the sts_template.html file, should there be other files in there. I can only get this to work if i put an old mySite folder from STS.v3 and work from that one, if you get what i mean. the documentaton suggests using the test folder, am i missing something really obvious
  6. scottmason

    [Contribution] STS v4

    eh, not quite sure what you mean, Where do I put "MyTemplates" folder and surley admin has to be directed to that folder of the same name. and what about the CSS and the sts_template.html in the FULL folder from the install not working!
  7. scottmason

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Ok I've got a question - great contribution by the way and I'm sure when I get it working I won't look back - but I've just installed STS 4 great, in the sts templates folder supplied there are two folders one called FULL and the other called TEST. Now do I customise the sts_template.html file in the FULL or TEST folder? which css file does it read from? do I need to create a new css file in the FULL or TEST folders? Anyway I assumed it was the FULL folder as it seemed it had more in it then made some significant changes to the template like fixed width and center, background colours etc then went to admin and changed the template folder to FULL. But none of the changes take effect on the site. If I put my old folder called MYSITE in the STS folder - which was included in the old version of STS - then change admin to read from that folder, it works, the changes take effect. I'm confused Can you offer any help? cheers
  8. scottmason


    Ok I have a new one, I have another shop that is centered, i am trying to install Coolmenus, the following happens: 1) I get a categories box appear in the far left of the page, not where the old categories box used to be. 2) it doesn't have the heading - Categories - 3) none of the mouseover events work, i have products within my categories, i thought that they would just work, am i missing something obvious. how can i solve all these problems cheers Scott
  9. scottmason


    I don't often give up on a contribution but i think this one has got me beaten it seems i'm not the only one who has this problem so if anyone has a solution please post it on here many thanks Scott
  10. scottmason

    [contribution] STS PLUS v4

    Hi COOLMENUS and STS PLUS problem I have STS plus installed on a new installation of OSC, all works fine, a great contribution but then i tried to unstall coolmenus. i followed the intructions according to the install file exactly but nothing seems to happen with my category menu, basically it looks the same as it did before. Is coolmenus compatable with STS PLUS? thanks
  11. scottmason


    Does Coolmenu work with STS, I have both installed, first STS which was all fine then coolmenus, which doesn't work. There is no change to my catalogue box at all. I have checked and re-checked my insallation. can any body help. thanks
  12. scottmason

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Does Coolmenu work with STS, I have both installed, first STS which was all fine then coolmenus, which doesn't work. There is no change to my catalogue box at all. I have checked and re-checked my insallation. can any body help. thanks
  13. scottmason

    CoolMenu and STS

    Does Coolmenu work with STS, i have both installed, first STS whic was all fine then coolmenus, which doesn't work. there is no change to my catalogue box at all. i have checked and re-checked my insallation. can any body help.
  14. scottmason


    I just did a clean install os OSC ms2 then added STS PLUS but after adding all the files - and i've done this twice now - my admin sceen just disapears, strange. any suggestions anyone? cheers
  15. scottmason

    Column Controller - HELP NEEDED!

    OK, I did a fresh install on everything, installed Column Controller first, all worked fine. Then installed Basic Design Pack. I now have access to all the Column Controller tools but none of them seem to work. Is this because the Basic Design pack is overriding everything? Has anybody else had this problem. cheers Scott