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  1. mhoutermans

    2checkout v2 on OSC 2.2

    Thank you very much. This contribution did the trick for me.
  2. mhoutermans


    I use the UPS XML contribution. I want to ship COD with UPS but I need to calculate the additional cost for this service. Currently my UPS XML does not show the COD option during the checkout process. Is it possible to use UPS XML with COD and if so how? If not what could I do to calculate the additional cost (x% of the total amount)?
  3. I have been surfing the contributions but I could not find what I was looking for. Is there a contribution that allows two kinds of logins. One is the normal customer and two is a vendor who can upload his own products into the shop? Thus basically OSC should be turned into a product buyers and products seller website with the ability to manage via an admin interface.
  4. mhoutermans

    Multi Vendor Shipping and percent.php

    Sorry, I don't know the answer but I have the same problem with the zones.php module and using it with multivendor. Did any body figure out what to do?
  5. mhoutermans

    User tracking error

    much easier this way http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...p=131691#131691
  6. Thanks for the reply, do you happen to know which merchant accounts allows you to do this?
  7. I use paysystems as a credit card payment gateway. How can I make sure that my clients see on their credit card statement the name of my shop and not Paysystems? I use the revecom payment module.
  8. I am not sure whether this has been asked already but I could not find it. I have the Call for Price module installed and some of my products are for free. How can you make sure though the customer does not need to go through the checkout procedure. I use paypal and another credit card processor but it would be strange for customers to fill out their CC details when the amount is zero. Also the credit card gateway does not allow a zero transaction. how is this best handled?
  9. mhoutermans

    PaySystems Module 1.0 HELP

    I have the same problem too. What is it that needs to be done to show paysystems module in the list?