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  1. And if you do not want the new products box to show at all you should be able to just delete (or comment out) it from the index.php around line 322. Just underneath where you add the main catagories (you'll understand more when you see the read me file in contrib) delete out the following <tr> <td><?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_NEW_PRODUCTS); ?></td> </tr>
  2. Try this Main Categories in Front Page
  3. I just have one question. I am sorry if this is already been answered but I get lost in 192 pages of info. I have downloaded EP 2-79 (because I tried later versions but couldn't get them to work so I backed up before all the extras added) but when I look at my easypopulate.php it looks alot different than what I see in other posts. For instance, I have nothing on the &tempdir and I was looking for where to fix the quotes in my descriptions but can't figure it out. Here is the first part of my easypopulate.php <?php // Current EP Version $curver = '2.78-MS2'; /* $Id: easypopulate.php,v 2.74 2004/05/03 VJ Exp $ */ require('includes/application_top.php'); //**** File Splitting Configuration **** // we attempt to set the timeout limit longer for this script to avoid having to split the files // NOTE: If your server is running in safe mode, this setting cannot override the timeout set in php.ini if (EP_SET_TIME_LIMIT == 'true') {set_time_limit(330);} //**** Size of products_model in products table **** // This is automatically set to the maximum defined size of products_model in the products table. We check to make sure all models are no longer than this value. global $modelsize; $table_definition_query=tep_db_query("describe " . TABLE_PRODUCTS); while ($product_definition=tep_db_fetch_array($table_definition_query)){ if ($product_definition[Field]=='products_model'){ if (substr($product_definition[Type],0,7)=='varchar'){ $modelsize=substr($product_definition[Type],8,strlen($product_definition[Type])); $modelsize=substr($modelsize,0,(strlen($modelsize)-1)); } } } //**** Price includes tax? **** global $price_with_tax; $price_with_tax = (EP_PRICE_INC_TAX =='False' ? 1 : 0); global $separator; if (EP_DELIMITER == '\t') { $separator = "\t"; // oscommerce stores escaped delimeters in mySQL as a string and not an actual tab. } else { $separator = EP_DELIMITER; } // change this if you want to download selected product options // this might be handy, if you have a lot of product options, and your output file exceeds 256 columns (which is the max. limit MS Excel is able to handle) global $attribute_options_select; //$attribute_options_select = array('Size', 'Model'); // uncomment and fill with product options name you wish to download // comment this line, if you wish to download all product options // VJ product attributes end
  4. agalvan2

    Easy populate

    I don't know if this will help but I noticed several have viewed but none answered and I hate that. Nothing has moved its all still there. Try clicking on the plus sign at the very far left of whichever file you choose. This will show you any info or changes from previous version. Then to download click on the little yellow folder with green arrow at the very far right.
  5. agalvan2

    Easy Populate

    OK, I'm sure there is already an answer out there for this but I just spent an hour and a half reading and cannot find it. Can someone please help me. While installing it says to make sure you have a catalog/temp directory - I don't. It also says if you don't to change setting $tempdir in easypopulate.php. I have looked all through both easypopulate.php and the one under english and cannot find this. And even if I could, what do I change it to? I was looking for a support thread on this contrib but everytime I find something there is like 200 pages and for at least the first 5 pages, none of the info is what i'm looking for. I do a search on all forums for easy populate and it brings up everything on here with the word easy and 2 with easy populate which are questions asked but not answered, so I back up and move on. Is there an easier way to find info on this site? I feel like i'm going in circles, for the time I spend reading and searching I could be entering by hand. I'm not trying to be rude or ungrateful just frustrated. :blink:
  6. Ok, downloaded contribution and used filezilla to drop catalog folder over my original. It ran its course (never asked me about overwriting though) said it was completed successfully. Went back to browser hit CTR F5 and it refreshed to the exact same page. Icons are still there, banner is still there, and page is not centered. Am I doing something wrong or is there another step. Would really appreciate anybody's help. Thanks. Andrea